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My index of recordings is organized into several lists, organized mostly based on type of music -- using my own subjective definitions! I have also singled out a few bands who deserve their own separate lists due to the sheer number of recordings I have collected by them.

Within each list, the bands and recordings are sorted alphabetically and chronologically. Refer to this Key for a guide to the codes used here.

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B  03/10/77  63  CD    	Perth Australia [digierrors in track 18]
B+ 10/29/79 104  CD AUD	'Wien Concert': Vienna Austria
A  11/05/79  56  CD    	'The Lost Live Album': London
A  11/11/79  57  CD FM 	Wembley Arena, London UK
B+ xx/xx/80 131  CD AUD	'At Budakon': Tokyo (w/bonus tracks)

AC/DC 04/03/77 54 CD The Old Waldorf, San Francisco CA B+ 12/07/77 45 CT '110/220': Atlantic Studios, NYC (first track tape drags) 08/05/78 47 CD Comiskey Park, Chicago IL A 10/28/78 35 CD FM 'The BBC Tapes Volume 2' (inc.): Colchester UK (x2) + BBC 06/03/76 (x4) A- 10/16/79 77 CD Towson University, Towson MD A 11/02/79 80 CD FM 'The BBC Tapes': Hammersmith Odeon, London + The Marquee Club, London 07/26/76 B 08/25/84 91 CD AUD Monsters of Rock, Raasunda Stadion, Stockholm Sweden [LOSSY vinyl source!] B+ 10/11/85 96 CD AUD Erwin Center, Austin TX B+ 76/xx/80 231 CD 'The Bon Scott Collection 27th Anniversary': 1977-1980 live comp A- 02/08/88 78 CD Melbourne Australia B 10/20/88 105 CD AUD Leon County Civic Center, Tallahassee FL B+ 07/06/91 70 CD AUD 'Money Rules In Sin City' A 11/03/06 CD tribute/Hells Belles - McDonald Theatre, Eugene OR
ADELE A 06/25/16 94 CD WEB BBC Radio 2, Glastonbury Festival
AEROSMITH A- 01/04/83 83 CD SBD Neil Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu HI B+ 11/16/87 89 CD FM Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton VA A 01/19/90 100 CD Spectrum, Philadelphia PA A+ 08/11/90 16 CD TV 'Rock This Way': MTV Unplugged, NYC (x4) A- 10/31/93 107 CD FM 'Rock This Way': Forest National, Brussels Belgium
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT A+ xx/xx/xx 120 CD REC 'Tales of Mystery and Imagination - Deluxe Edition' A+ xx/xx/xx 80 CD REC 'I Robot' A 96/--/09 65 CD PFM Westwood One, Cincinnati OH A- 07/24/12 79 CD AUD Théatre Jean Deschamps, Carcassonne France [24/48] A- 03/27/13 106 CD AUD Nieuwe Luxor Theater, Rotterdam Holland B+ 02/15/14 96 CD AUD Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater FL B 01/30/15 115 CD AUD Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo NY
ALDO NOVA A- 08/12/82 23 CD FM WAAF, The Worcester Centrum, Worcester MA (actual date: 09/24/82)
ALI AKBAR KAHN A- 11/05/01 78 CD AUD Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco CA (w/Zakir Hussain)
ALICE IN CHAINS A- 12/20/92 74 CD Seattle Center, Seattle WA A- 01/08/93 71 CD Aloha Tower, Honolulu HI B+ 01/08/93 71 CD SBD Aloha Tower, Honolulu HI [some diginoise] B+ 02/20/93 76 CD AUD 'Little Red Rooster': Noorderligt, Tilburg Holland A- 03/02/93 50 CD PFM 'Bad Dream': Barrowlands, Glasgow UK B+ 10/23/93 76 CD AUD 'Swarm' (remastered): Castle Hall, Osaka Japan xx/xx/xx MP REC 'Unplugged' 10/12/94 60 CD Mad Season - 'Season of Myst': Crocodile Cafe, Seattle WA 10/11/06 121 CD AUD Hard Rock Cafe, Orlando FL
ALLMAN BROTHERS A- 04/11/70 100 CT Ludlows Garage, Cinncinatti OH A 04/11/70 91 CD REC 'Ludlows Garage' B 05/02/70 80? CT FM Swathmore College B 01/17/71 ? CT Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh PN B- 01/23/71 60? CT Capital Theatre, Portchester NY B xx/xx/71 60? CT FM WPLJ Radio, NYC A- 06/21/71 80 CT Fillmore East NYC A- 09/26/73 90 CT Winterland, San Francisco CA A 73/--/80 50 CT 'Live U.S.A.': 73 Atlanta+79 NJ+80 NY A- 05/14/87 81 CD FM Gregg Allman - KFOG-FM, Wolfgang's, San Francisco CA A- 02/22/91 150? CT C.U. Fieldhouse, Boulder CO B 07/21/91 160? CT Telluride CO B 08/14/91 160? CT Red Rocks, Morrison CO
AMERICA A- 01/16/08 97 CD AUD King Center, Melbourne FL
APRIL WINE A- 05/14/82 53 CD FM Las Vegas NV [13 remaster]
ASIA B+ 05/02/82 84 CD AUD The Palladium, NYC B 06/17/82 86 CD AUD Poplar Creek Music Theatre, Hoffman Estates IL B+ 10/19/82 99 CD FM Teatro Tenda Lampugnano, Milan Italy [LDB Series 153] B 10/19/82 91 CD AUD Teatro Tenda, Milano Italy [38f source] A 12/07/83 74 CD FM 'Westwood One Superstar Concert Series': Tokyo Japan (2 copies) B+ 12/09/83 101 CD AUD 'Burning Castle': Osaka Japan A- 88/--/91 38 CD Aqua Demos and Outtakes B+ 06/23/07 99 CD AUD Trump Marina, Atlantic City NJ [TT source] 05/02/10 CD AUD ColosSaal, Aschaffenburg Germany
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION A- 04/30/77 58 CD FM Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh PA
B-52s B xx/xx/78 72 CD 'Anola Gay': Downtown Cafe, Atlanta GA [from tape from vinyl][runs fast] A 04/02/08 36 CD FM KCRW Radio, Santa Monica CA 08/11/01 CD Chastain Park, Atlanta GA
BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE 12/12/74 CD AUD Providence RI [Dan Lampinski] A- 07/01/84 90 CD FM Harpo's, Detroit MI A 08/xx/84 50 CD PFM Misty Moon, Halifax Canada [from vinyl, broadcast 9-24-1984]
BAD COMPANY B+ 06/21/01 60 CD AUD HiFi Buys Amphitheater, Atlanta GA
THE BAND B+ 10/26/69 64 CD AUD Academy Of Music, Philadelphia PA
PATO BANTON A- 05/27/87 64 CD SBD Killer Bees - early show, Wolfgangs, San Francisco CA A 04/12/09 106 CD Belly Up, Aspen CO
BEATLES A xx/xx/xx 221 CD 'Hard Days Night' [Purple Chick] A xx/xx/xx 216 CD 'Help!' [Purple Chick] A xx/xx/xx 202 CD 'Revolver' [Purple Chick] A xx/xx/xx 199 CD 'Rubber Soul' [Purple Chick] A xx/xx/xx 437 CD 'Sgt.Pepper' [Purple Chick] A xx/xx/xx 310 CD 'Magical Mystery Year' [Purple Chick] A xx/xx/xx 234 CD 'Abbey Road' [Purple Chick] A xx/xx/xx 860 CD 'Deluxe' (White Album) [Purple Chick] A xx/xx/xx 482 CD 'Let It Be' [Purple Chick]
JEFF BECK - see separate list
PAT BENATAR A 11/10/88 75 CD PFM WW1 Superstars In Concert 89-02: Tower Theater, Upper Darby PA
THE BLACK ANGELS B+ 06/13/06 49 CD AUD Empty Bottle, Chicago IL A 07/29/06 64 CD Capitol Hill Block Party, Seattle WA 10/04/10 89 CD AUD Le Botanique, Brussels Belgium 11/11/10 75 CD AUD The Grey Eagle, Asheville NC 11/13/10 72 CD AUD The Social, Orlando FL
BLACK CROWES A+ xx/xx/90 35 CT 'Westwood One'
BLACK SABBATH B 08/09/69 40 CT Blues & Jazz Festival, Plumpton Racecourse UK B+ 06/26/70 57 CD AUD Audimax der Freien Universität, Berlin Germany [DBP LP+R2R src] A- 08/31/70 52 CD SBD Montreux Casino, Montreux Switz [Mk2-SBD] B+ 11/07/70 47 CD AUD University of Maine, Portland Maine [Joe Maloney RTR, KRW_CO xfer] B- 11/27/70 70 CT Fillmore West, San Francisco CA 12/20/70 52 CD 'Come To The Sabbath': Olympia Theatre, Paris France A- 12/20/70 50 CT 'Copper': Paris, France TV show B+ 07/18/71 60 CT York Station, UK A- 03/17/72 76 CD AUD Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino CA [Doinker src] B 10/xx/72 40? CT AUD Hollywood Bowl, CA B 02/21/74 92 CD AUD Civic Center, Providence RI [D.Lampinski source] C 04/06/74 80 CT California Jam I B 08/03/75 101 CD AUD Providence Civic Center, Providence RI 08/05/75 CD AUD Convention Hall, Asbury NJ [PROBLEMS?] 08/06/75 CD AUD Asbury Park, NJ (13) [PROBLEMS?] A 08/06/75 100 CD SBD Asbury Park Convention Hall, Asbury Park NJ [13 remaster] B- 01/13/76 97 CD AUD Hammersmith Odeon, London C xx/xx/76 50 CT FM Innerview A- 12/08/76 57 CD PFM Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PA 76/xx/78 CD 'KBFH': Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PA B+ xx/xx/78 45 CT 'Black Mass in Hell': London B xx/xx/78 80 CT 'Black Haven': 10th Ave, Central Park NYC B+ 11/18/80 60 CD FM 'Amorous Circle': Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo Japan B xx/xx/80 35 CT 'KBFH': Hartford CN A- 08/xx/80 33 CD SBD 'Dragons & Kings' (x5) 01/22/82 CD Ozzy Osbourne - Mecca Auditorium, Milwaukee WI A 04/28/82 74 CD SBD Ozzy Osbourne - 'The Axemans Cometh' [13 remaster]: Memphis TN A 11/04/83 77 CD PFM 'Captured Live' [PFM 3LP]: The Centrum, Worcester MA A 06/02/86 43 CT FM Hammersmith Odeon, London A 09/06/89 58 CD PFM BBC 'In Concert': Manchester UK [Dujanovasionist remaster] A 09/24/89 88 CD SBD 'Headless in Vienna': Sommerarena, Wien Austria [some FM noise] A+ xx/xx/xx 45 CD REC 'String Quartet Tribute to Black Sabbath' A 06/07/07 55 CD FM Heaven and Hell - Sweden Rock Festival, Norje Sweden A- 04/29/13 113 CD AUD Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Australia [24/96] B+ 08/08/13 117 CD AUD Arena, Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville CT
BLACKFOOT 03/16/80 44 CD FM WLUP, Chicago IL B+ 07/20/80 32 CD FM 'KBFH': Veteran's Memorial Coliseum, Jacksonville FL A- 11/0x/81 48 CD FM 'Gimme Gimme Gimme': The Source, Cleveland OH [from LP] xx/xx/84 CD SBD 'Verticle Smile Live': Royal Oaks Theatre, Detroit MI
BLONDIE B- 07/09/79 65 CD AUD Central Park, NYC [diginoise] B 07/24/79 55 CD AUD Masonic Temple, Detroit MI [JEMS source] A 01/12/80 99 CD PFM 'Supergroups In Concert' (SGC 105): Hammersmith Odeon, London B+ 11/04/98 71 CD FM Bataclan, Paris France [some static]
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT B 02/21/74 53 CD AUD Civic Center, Providence RI [D.Lampinski source] 02/25/75 CD AUD Providence RI [D.Lampinski source] A- 10/16/76 92 CD AUD Boston Music Hall, Boston MA [D.Lampinski source] A- 01/12/78 92 CD AUD Civic Center, Providence RI [D.Lampinski source] A 10/26/79 85 CD Met Center, Minneapolis MN A- 10/26/79 85 CD Met Center, Bloomington MN [??] A 08/19/80 91 CD Metropolitan Center, Minneapolis MN 07/30/81 CD SBD McNichol's Arena, Denver CO A- 09/20/81 90 CD PFM 'The Source': Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven CT A- 12/15/81 63 CD PFM 'A Night on the Road': Reseda CA (-4 trax) A- 08/12/82 56 CD FM WAAF, The Worcester Centrum, Worcester MA 02/14/84 CD PFM 'Captured Live': Hammersmith Odeon UK A 02/14/84 49 CD FM Hammersmith Odeon UK A 03/27/86 49 CD FM Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CA 03/27/86 CD PFM Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA A- 11/04/88 91 CD Crest Theatre, Sacramento CA xx/xx/xx CD Albert Bouchard - 'Imaginos' demos A 02/13/03 82 CD PFM 'Superstar Concert Series': The Grove, Anaheim CA A- 04/17/06 77 CD AUD Brain Surgeons - North Six, Brooklyn NY B 10/31/08 104 CD AUD Penns Peak, Jim Thorpe PA [The Dude + Slipkid source]
BLUES BROTHERS B+ 07/01/80 94 CD AUD The Palladium, NYC
BLUES PILLS B 08/07/14 59 CD AUD Parkteatret, Oslo Norway [Humbug src]
BONHAM B 08/13/92 40 CT Riverbend Music Center, Cinncinatti OH
BOOMTOWN RATS A- 01/24/81 78 CD FM Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Ludwigshafen Germany
BOSTON B xx/xx/75 CD 'We Found It In The Trashcan': first album demos (x6) A 09/27/76 60 CD PFM 'More Than A Feeling': Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH A- 09/27/76 62 CD SBD Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH [reel.sbd.rm-cdr2] 10/16/76 CD AUD Boston Music Hall, Boston MA 10/16/76 CD AUD Boston Music Hall, Boston MA [CQ remaster of above] 03/19/77 CD Long Beach Arena, Long Beach CA 03/19/77 CD FM 'KBFH': Long Beach Arena, Long Beach CA [2 sources!] 04/03/77 CD Spectrum, Philadelphia PA 09/20/78 74 CD AUD Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland CA 04/13/79 CD Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, Osaka Japan B+ 04/19/79 100 CD AUD 'Tribute to Brad Delp': Tokyo Japan 04/20/79 CD Nippon Budokan, Tokyo Japan 09/18/79 CD AUD Scandinavium, Gothenburg Sweden 09/22/79 CD Grugahalle, Essen Germany B 05/xx/87 90 CT Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy WI B+ 09/26/87 118 CD AUD Market Square Arena, Indianapolis IN [JerryB source] 09/30/87 110 CD AUD Sun Dome, Tampa FL 11/02/87 CD Hartford Civic Center, Hartford CT 11/03/87 CD Hartford Civic Center, Hartford CT 08/24/03 CD Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto 08/20/04 151 CD AUD Starwood Amphitheater, Nashville TN 11/13/06 CD AUD Symphony Hall, Boston MA (last Delp show)(Doug Flutie event) B 08/23/08 106 CD AUD Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater FL
DAVID BOWIE A- 04/27/83 133 CD SBD 'Serious Rehearsals 1983': Las Colinas, Dallas TX A- 04/xx/87 134 CD SBD 'New York's A Go Go': rehearsals [DAV 001-002] A 06/06/87 133 CD SBD Platz der Republik, Berlin Germany (w/soundcheck) A- 09/20/90 88 CD SBD Sambodromo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
JAMES BROWN A 11/27/87 123 CD Klein Auditorium, Bridgeport CT A- 10/12/92 70 CD SF Hilton Ballroom, San Francisco CA A 10/27/06 57 CD FM BBC Electric Proms 2006
JEFF BUCKLEY A 10/11/92 91 CD SBD The Music Faucet, 91.1 WFMU, East Orange NJ
BUSH A 02/10/95 78 CD PFM 'Westwood One': Roxy Theater, Hollywood CA A- xx/xx/95 66 CD FM 'Burning': Roxy, Los Angeles CA B+ 06/17/95 34 CD AUD KROQ Weenie Roast, Irvine Meadows, Irvine CA A- 08/25/95 31 CD FM? 'Coming Down Fast': Washington DC A+ 12/18/95 42 CD FM? 'Coming Down Fast': KROQ 03/28/97 89? CD FM Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis TN A 06/25/99 49 CD FM Glastonbury
GEORGE CARLIN 02/08/98 79 CD AUD Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater FL B+ 10/14/01 59 CD AUD Hollywood Theater, MGM Grand, Las Vegas NV [KK source] 10/14/01 66 CD AUD Hollywood Theater, MGM Grand, Las Vegas NV [KK source] 12/14/02 78 CD AUD Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater FL 03/15/08 65 CD AUD The Wang Theater, Boston MA
CARPENTERS A 11/14/76 47 CD FM Jaap Eden Hall, Amsterdam
JIM CARROLL B+ 12/22/80 48 CD FM Bottom Line, NYC A- 06/20/82 51 CD FM Uncle Sams, Nantasket Beach MA
THE CARS B+ 07/01/78 54 CD FM WBCN-FM, Paradise, Boston MA A- 07/18/78 54 CD AUD The Agora, Cleveland OH [from master tape, not FM?] A- 09/22/78 46 CD The Palladium, NYC B+ 07/05/79 61 CD Westwood One: North Hall Auditorium, Memphis TN (aka 9/1/79 aka 9/4/79) B+ 09/04/79 61 CD 'Westwood One': Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles CA
CHEAP TRICK A- 06/10/78 79 CD MTX WBCN-FM, The Paradise, Boston MA
CHEECH & CHONG 10/23/08 92 CD AUD Capital One Bank Theatre, Westbury NY (w/Shelby Chong) B 01/17/09 99 CD AUD Music Hall, Kansas City MO
CHICAGO B 09/16/73 53 CD FM Palais Omnisports, Paris 08/17/75 CD AUD Civic Center, Providence RI [D.Lampinski source] A 08/xx/82 75 CD PFM Park West, NYC [13 remaster] A- 08/05/82 54 CD PFM WestWood One, Park West, Chicago IL A- 08/05/82 54 CD PFM WestWood One, Park West, Chicago IL [different src] A 08/05/82 76 CD SBD Park West, Chicago IL A- 04/26/85 92 CD SBD Oakland CA A 12/08/98 53 CD PFM 'Christmas With Chicago' SFX broadcast: House of Blues, Los Angeles CA 06/07/01 CD SBD Stockholm Sweden
ERIC CLAPTON, DEREK & DOMINOS, BLIND FAITH B 06/18/69 76 CD AUD Blind Faith - 'Compensation For Betrayal': Konserthallen Liseberg, Goteborg Sweden B- 07/12/69 64 CD AUD Blind Faith - 'Compensation For Betrayal': Madison Square Garden, New York NY C 07/26/69 59 CD AUD Blind Faith - 'Compensation For Betrayal': State Fair Park, West Allis WI B 08/14/69 32 CD AUD Blind Faith - 'Compensation For Betrayal': Almeda County Coliseum, Oakland CA B 08/16/69 64 CD AUD Blind Faith - 'Compensation For Betrayal': Fairgrounds Arena, Santa Barbara CA B- 08/20/69 71 CD AUD Blind Faith - 'Compensation For Betrayal': Hemisphere Arena, San Antonio TX A+ xx/xx/70 76 CD REC 'Layla box set': unreleased jams (I-V) A+ xx/xx/70 65 CD REC 'Layla box set': outakes B+ 11/20/70 35 CT Santa Monica Civic, CA (as Derek &Dominos) B- 11/xx/70 78 CT Cinncinatti Music Hall, OH B 06/25/75 105 CT Providence RI B 07/10/75 80 CD SBD Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City MO B 07/12/75 89 CD SBD Coliseum, Denver CO 08/03/75 CD PNE Coliseum, Vancouver BC (w/Santana?) B 08/14/75 105 CT Los Angeles Forum, CA B+ 08/17/75 93 CD SBD Community Center, Tucson AZ B 08/30/75 78 CD SBD The Scope, Norfolk VA B xx/xx/76 45 CT Summer Tour A- xx/xx/77 45? CT Santa Monica CA B 02/07/83 90 CT Cow Palace, San Francisco CA B 03/01/83 90? CT Worcester MA B 07/12/83 90 CT Milwaukee WI B xx/xx/83 80? CT London (w/Jimmy Page) A- xx/xx/85 50 CT FM Richmond VA A- 07/09/86 45? CT Montreux, Switzerland A- 11/23/86 117 CD SBD 'Blood Brother': The Ritz, New York NY 86/--/87 CD AUD unreleased live album [DJ 33/34] A 01/12/87 122 CD SBD London, UK (w.Mark Knopfler) 04/27/87 CD Madison Square Garden, NYC [SP-R-204] A- 09/07/88 109 CD SBD 'It's a Guitar Thing': The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA (w/Mark Knopfler) B+ 09/19/88 100 CT Fiddlers Green, Denver CO (w/Mark Knopfler) A 02/03/89 148 CD SBD 'Beetle Clasher': Royal Albert Hall, London UK (w/Mark Knopfler) A 03/27/89 58 CD 'Journeyman Ruff Mixes' (MVR 288): NYC 3/27/89 (x9)+4/14/89 (x2) A+ xx/xx/xx 260? CD REC 'Crossroads box set': some outtakes B xx/xx/90 120 CT Royal Albert Hall, London A 02/03/90 118 CD FM 'Blues Night': Royal Albert Hall, London A+ 02/10/90 146 CD 'Orchestra Night': Royal Albert Hall, London B+ 08/25/90 132 CD AUD Alpine Valley, East Troy WI B 08/26/90 145 CD AUD Alpine Valley, East Troy WI A 02/14/91 127 CD AUD 'Wired': Royal Albert Hall, London A 02/17/91 141 CD 'Play With Fire': London B 02/19/91 140 CD AUD '12th Night': Royal Albert Hall, London B+ 03/03/91 133 CD AUD 'Laced': RAH, London UK A 09/28/94 58 CD 'Blues Rehearsals': Manhattan Center Studios, NYC + SNL 9/24/94 A+ 11/07/94 104 CD 'Blues at the Fillmore', Fillmore West, San Francisco CA A- 10/20/97 110 CD AUD 'In The West Of Japan': Marine Messe, Fukuoka Japan B+ 10/21/97 107 CD AUD 'In The West Of Japan': Castle Hall, Osaka Japan B+ 10/22/97 111 CD AUD 'In The West Of Japan': Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka Japan B 10/24/97 112 CD AUD 'In The West Of Japan': Green Arena, Hiroshima Japan A- 10/25/97 111 CD AUD 'In The West Of Japan': Rainbow Hall, Nagoya Japan A xx/xx/xx 13 CD AUD 'In The West Of Japan': bonus CD (x3) A+ 05/21/01 123 CD SBD 'Universe' (Mid Valley): Philips Arena, Atlanta GA A 12/07/03 119 CD SBD 'Snowblind' (Mid Valley): Sapporo Dome, Sapporo Japan A 04/24/04 105 CD AUD 'Black Beauty Complete': Belfast Ireland A- 07/26/06 119 CD AUD Augustenborg Denmark 10/20/06 130 CD AUD TD Waterhouse Center, Orlando FL A 02/25/08 138 CD AUD 'Blind Faith': MSG, NYC [MVR 452-453] (w/Steve Winwood) A 02/26/08 137 CD AUD 'Blind Faith': MSG, NYC [MVR 454-455] (w/Steve Winwood) B+ 02/26/08 138 CD AUD MSG, NYC (w/Steve Winwood)[schoeps source] (possibly same source as above??)
THE CLASH A- 11/27/82 61 CD SBD Jamaica World Music Festival, Montego Bay Jamaica [remaster]
BILL CLINTON (President) B+ 01/11/94 17 CD AUD Prague CZ
CLUTCH A+ xx/xx/xx 55 CD REC 'Clutch' 07/21/01 71 CD Metropol PA 04/12/02 89 CD AUD Recher Theater, Towson MD
JOE COCKER A- 04/26/70 79 CD SBD Fillmore West, San Francisco CA
COHEED AND CAMBRIA B+ 12/13/05 78 CD AUD Die Ruehre, Stuttgart Germany 07/22/05 CD AUD accoustic and electric sets, Irving Plaza, NYC
COLDPLAY A 09/16/09 71 CD DVB Hampden Park, Glasgow Scotland [DVB 192kbps] A 06/01/12 100 MP WEB Emirates Stadium, London A+ 04/25/14 51 CD FM 1LIVE Radiokonzert, E-Werk, Cologne Germany A 06/12/14 77 CD FM Tokyo Dome City Hall A 09/17/14 76 CD FM WXRT-FM 93.1 Chicago, The Theatre at Ace Hotel, Los Angeles CA
ALBERT COLLINS B+ 11/20/73 71 CD AUD El Mocambo, Toronto Canada 04/29/79 85 CD AUD The Bayou, Washington DC 04/02/80 184 CD AUD Desperado's, Washington DC B+ 06/22/80 89 CD AUD Rockefeller's, Houston TX A 12/01/80 136 CD FM Fabrik, Hamburg Germany A 07/08/81 50 CD SBD Jazz Festival, Montreux Switzerland A- 09/17/82 87 CD SBD early show, Cotati Cabaret, Cotati CA 11/26/82 76 CD AUD Barrymores, Ottawa Canada [gen2] 12/05/82 161 CD AUD The Wax Museum, Washington DC 09/01/83 108 CD AUD Belly Up Tavern, Solona Beach CA 12/22/83 207 CD AUD The Mandolin Wind, San Diego CA xx/xx/83 47 CD FM Quebec Canada 12/07/84 55 CD AUD Beverly Theatre, Beverly Hills CA 04/23/85 156 CD AUD The Bachannal, San Diego CA A 12/12/86 82 CD AUD Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia PA [billydee.msc] 03/12/87 99 CD AUD Belly Up Tavern, Solona Beach CA 05/10/87 87 CD AUD Ford Theatre, Beverly Hills CA 06/06/87 37 CD FM Petrillo Bundshell, Chicago IL 09/17/87 87 CD AUD Belly Up Tavern, Solona Beach CA 01/17/88 48 CD AUD Belly Up Tavern, Solona Beach CA 04/07/88 70 CD AUD Belly Up Tavern, Solona Beach CA 04/08/88 78 CD AUD The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano CA 09/10/88 51 CD AUD Street Scene '88 Festival, San Diego CA 01/19/89 114 CD SBD Rockefeller's, Houston TX 07/22/89 45 CD AUD Harbourfront, Toronto Canada 10/03/90 77 CD AUD The Birchmere, Alexandria VA 10/04/90 99 CD AUD Max's on Broadway, Baltimore MD 04/07/92 80 CD AUD The Birchmere, Alexandria VA 04/08/92 102 CD AUD Max's on Broadway, Baltimore MD 04/11/92 108 CD AUD Lonestar Roadhouse Cafe, New York NY B+ 05/01/92 90 CD SBD Graffiti, Pittsburgh PA A 06/07/92 66 CD Chicago Blues Festival, Grant Park, Chicago IL A- 07/04/92 52 CD FM Crystal Palace Bowl, London 10/11/92 81 CD SBD Jazz Heritage Festival, Sunset Park, Las Vegas NV 01/16/93 73 CD SBD Branford Marsalis Quartet - University of California, Berkeley CA 01/18/93 49 CD AUD National Mall, Washington DC 03/29/93 75 CD AUD The Birchmere, Alexandria VA 03/30/93 92 CD AUD The 8x10, Baltimore MD 06/23/93 63 CD AUD Filene Center at Wolftrap, Vienna VA
ROBERT CRAY A+ xx/xx/90 35 CT 'Westwood One'
CREAM B- xx/xx/68 45 CT Grande Ballroom, Detroit MI A- 10/04/68 61 CD SBD 'The Last Goodbye': Oakland Coliseum CA A- 10/19/68 77 CD SBD 'The Last Goodbye': The Forum, Los Angeles CA A- 10/20/68 75 CD SBD 'The Last Goodbye': Sports Arena, San Diego CA (w/fixed trax) B 11/26/68 71 CD 'The Last Goodbye': Royal Albert Hall, London UK B+ 05/03/05 79 CD AUD reunion, Royal Albert Hall, London UK (incomplete) B 05/05/05 125 CD AUD reunion, Royal Albert Hall, London UK
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL A- 07/04/71 60 CD PFM Fillmore West, San Francisco CA [PFM remaster]
JIM CROCE A- 11/15/72 44 CD AUD 'Dead Men Still Tell Tales': Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH B+ 01/07/73 11 CD FM MSG, NYC A- 02/02/73 62 CD Harper College, Palatine IL [some digiclicks] B 03/29/73 45 CD Cleveland OH (MAYBE 11/15/72) A 08/25/73 30 CD Philadelphia Folk Festival, Schwenksville, Philadelphia PA [SBD] B+ 09/20/73 45 CD AUD last concert: Northwestern State University, Natchitoches LA
CROSBY, STILLS, NASH, & YOUNG A 12/1x/69 98 CD SBD compilation (12/13, 12/14, 12/18)
THE CULT A 06/06/92 49 CD FM 'Rebirth Of The Phoenix': Finsbury Park, London A 02/06/92 49 CD FM 'Rebirth Of The Phoenix' [Thir13en Remaster]: Finsbury Park, London UK (?date?)
CULTURE CLUB B+ 03/21/83 57 CD FM Malibu Night Club, Lido Beach NY
THE CURE - see separate list
DEEP PURPLE A- 06/26/94 152 CD FM St. Gallen, Switzerland (w/Joe Satriani) A xx/xx/xx 313 CD REC 'Shades 1968-1998'
DEF LEPPARD 08/03/83 CD 'Seattle '83': Kingdome, Seattle WA [SBD] B+ 10/20/83 80 CD FM Rolling Stone, Milan Italy [hissy] A 12/18/83 27 CD FM Dortmund Germany (x6)[corrected] 06/06/93 105 CD 'The Circus Comes To Town': Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield UK
DIDO A- 02/26/00 45 CD 815 L Street, Sacramento CA
DIO 10/07/83 CD PFM Santa Monica CA [PFM vinyl] A- 10/07/83 49 CD FM 'Captured Live': Santa Monica Civic, Santa Monica CA [JM krw_co src, a little shrill] A 06/11/84 61 CD FM Pink Pop Festival, Geleen Holland 07/24/84 CD FM Coliseum, Spokane WA [COMPLETE] B 10/31/85 96 CD FM Worcester Centrum, Worcester MA 05/14/86 CD FM Hammersmith Odeon, London 11/17/96 CD West Park Entertainment Center, Houston TX A+ 06/11/05 50 CD FM Sweden Rock Festival, Norje Sweden
DIRE STRAITS A 03/03/79 52 CD Tower Theatre, Philadelphia PN A- 03/31/79 71 CD Old Waldorf, San Francisco CA B xx/xx/79 45 CT Live A 07/05/81 74 CD SBD 'We've Got No Lights Tonight': Werchter Belgium A 07/10/85 85 CD SBD 'The Long Strait Walk To Wembley': Wembley Arena, London B 09/04/85 120 CT AUD Red Rocks, Morrison CO B+ 10/06/85 127 CD AUD Wang Theater, Boston MA A- xx/xx/89 45 CT Prince's Birthday (w/Eric Clapton) A 06/20/92 134 CD FM Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire UK + London (x2)(w.Eric Clapton) [MWL 011-12 silver] A- 07/30/92 113 CD SBD 'On Every Planet 92': Oslo Norway [MICROGAPS] A+ 09/29/92 113 CD SBD 'The Best Things in Life': Les Arenes, Nimes France A+ 06/13/05 115 CD SBD Mark Knopfler - 'Light On A Hidden Treasure': Palalottomatica, Rome Italy
DOORS B xx/xx/6x 52 CD Studio Outtakes, Elektra Sound Recorders, Hollywood CA B+ 03/04/67 16 CD Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco CA (x3) A- 09/20/68 116 CD PFM 'The Complete Stockholm '68 Tapes' Remastered & Pitch Corrected: early and late shows, Konserthuset, Stockholm Sweden A- 09/20/68 73 CD late show, Konserthuset, Stockholm Sweden A- 09/20/68 120 CT Stockholm, Sweden; Show I and II A- 09/20/68 111 CD SBD 'The Complete Stockholm 68 Tapes': Konserthuset Stora Salen, Stockholm Sweden (Doinker remaster) B 03/01/69 50 CD AUD Dinner Key Auditorium, Miami FL B+ 05/23/69 38 CT 'Critique': 05/23/69 TV, 9/68 London B xx/xx/69 18 CT "Rock is Dead": studio outake (-2 min.) B- xx/xx/69 35 CT FM WNET Radio, NYC A- 01/18/70 80 CT Felt Forum, NYC B 05/01/70 85 CD AUD The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA A- 06/05/70 85 CD Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle WA A 08/30/70 85 CD SBD Isle of Wight (+interview) B+ 07/21/72 65 CD FM WGLD-FM, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL (no Jim Morrison) A- 09/01/13 109 CD AUD Robby Krieger's Jam Kitchen - The Plaza Live, Orlando FL [Datfly src] A 01/17/15 68 CD AUD Robbie Krieger - Sunshine Music & Blues Festival, St. Petersburg FL
DREAD ZEPPELIN B+ 01/22/94 82 CD AUD Palomino, Hollywood CA A 04/28/95 93 CD AUD Other World, St.Louis MO A 02/21/97 96 CD Middle East, Philadelphia PA A- 09/05/99 74 CD AUD Great Lawn Stage, The Waterfront/David Park, Rockford IL 06/15/01 76 CD AUD The Canyon Club, Agoura Hills CA A 04/28/05 93 CD AUD Other World, St. Louis MO
DREAM THEATER A+ xx/xx/92 57 CD REC 'Images And Words'
DURAN DURAN B 12/16/83 78 CD FM Centre, Brighton UK 02/22/89 CD SBD 'Electric Theatre': Big Egg-Tokyo dome, Tokyo Japan
EAGLES B 01/27/76 48 CD AUD 'Crazed & Snake Eyed': Hordern Pavillion, Sydney Australia B+ 02/09/76 115 CD SBD Nagoya Kokaido Hall, Nagoya Japan [AT-171](hissy) B+ 08/06/76 90 CD The Kingdome, Seattle WA A- 11/06/76 102 CD SBD The Summit, Houston TX A- 03/04/80 98 CD The Forum, Los Angeles CA [RS source] B 06/28/80 117 CD AUD Alpine Valley [RickB source] A- 09/03/85 75 CD PFM Westwood One: Universal City CA A+ 04/28/94 136 CD MTV Unplugged second/alternate night A+ 07/05/94 161 CD SBD Riverport Amphitheater, Maryland Heights MO A- 08/24/94 166 CD SBD Giant Stadium, East Rutherford NJ 09/03/85 CD PFM Don Henley - Westwood One, Universal City CA A- 06/03/05 75 CD AUD Don Henley - First Union Center, Philadelphia PA (w/Stevie Nicks)
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA B+ 03/19/76 91 CD AUD Orpheum Theatre, Boston MA 03/19/76 CD AUD Orpheum Theatre, Boston MA [Dan Lampinski] B+ 02/23/78 86 CD AUD Festival Hall, Osaka Japan A 11/12/15 12 CD FM BBC Radio Theatre, London [soundcheck + interview](x5) A 11/12/15 61 CD FM BBC Radio Theatre, London, Radio 2 In Concert
ELECTRIC SUN (w/ULI ROTH) A xx/xx/?? 40? CT REC 'Firewind' A xx/xx/?? 40? CT REC 'Earthquake' B 05/21/83 83 CD AUD City Hall, Newcastle UK B+ 05/16/85 70? CT AUD Wolfgangs, San Francisco CA A- 07/05/85 64 CD FM Summerfest, Milwaukee WI A- 02/01/13 141 CD AUD Uli Jon Roth - The Token Lounge, Westland MI
ESCAPE CLUB A- 02/xx/88 28 CD FM 'KBFH': Boston MA
MELISSA ETHERIDGE A+ 12/xx/92 65 CD PFM 'Westwood One - In Concert #93-06': Chicago Theater, Chicago IL
EVANESCENCE 06/07/03 CD TV WDR TV, Rock am Ring 2003, Nuerburgring, Nuerburg Germany B+ 08/30/03 38 CD AUD Red Rocks, Morrison CO B 02/21/04 67 CD AUD Alliant Energy Center, Madison WI A xx/xx/04 62 CD REC 'Anywhere But Here' CD/DVD A- 10/09/06 65 CD AUD Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC B+ 01/23/07 75 CD AUD Namba Hatch, Osaka Japan A- 04/02/07 73 CD AUD The Sovereign Center, Reading PA A- 11/04/09 83 CD AUD The Grand Ballroom, NYC B+ 11/17/11 70 CD AUD Stadthalle, Offenbach Germany A- 01/21/12 43 CD SBD Verizon Arena, North Little Rock AR B+ 02/08/12 79 CD AUD Kanagawa Japan B 11/15/15 87 CD AUD 'Going to California (Via Dallas)': South Side Ballroom, Dallas TX
EVERLAST A 10/31/00 66 CD PFM 'In The Zone' #01-20: House of Blues, West Hollywood CA
FILTER A- 08/28/99 45 CD PFM Westwood One #99-35 (w/commercials)
THE FIRM 12/08/84 118 CD SBD Hammersmith Odeon, London A 12/09/84 71 CD FM WAAF FM, Hammersmith Odeon, London B- 03/10/85 120 CT AUD McNichols Arena, Denver CO 03/14/85 CD SBD 'Double Closer': The Forum, Los Angeles CA 03/15/85 CD SBD The Coliseum, Oakland CA A- 03/16/85 110 CD SBD Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa CA [some hiss] 03/18/85 CD SBD Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque NM 03/21/85 CD SBD The Summit, Houston TX [inc.] 03/23/85 CD SBD 'Smugglers': Frank Erwin Centre, Austin TX 05/22/85 100 CD SBD Wembley Arena, Wembley, London B+ 03/29/86 90 CT Rochester NY A xx/xx/86 75 CT 'Westwood One'
THE FIXX 11/18/82 CD FM The Paradise, Boston MA A- 10/xx/83 58 CD FM WLIR FM, Rainbow Music Hall, Denver CO A 11/22/84 35 CD PFM Westwood One [from vinyl]: Bayfront Theater, Tampa FL B 09/01/12 100 CD AUD State Theater, Falls Church VA [Lostbrook 2.0 v1]
FLEETWOOD MAC A- 67/--/68 60 CD FM Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - BBC collection [JKFC src] B+ 69/--/70 36 CD FM Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - BBC collection [JKFC src] B 04/xx/69 45 CT Den Hague, Amsterdam B- xx/xx/69 15 CT Boston Tea Party, MA B+ 02/05/70 68 CD Tea Party Jam, Boston MA (w.Eric Clapton)[stereo-M1-SBD] B+ xx/xx/74 75 CT Record Plant 09/23/75 CD Trod Nossel Studios, Wallingford CT A+ xx/xx/xx 166 CD REC 'Rumours' 3CD set A 10/17/75 51 CD PFM KBFH, Capital Theatre, Passaic NJ [from 1990 vinyl] B+ xx/xx/76 35 CT Summer Tour B+ 04/14/77 75 CD 'A Votre Sante': Pavillon, Paris 05/18/77 65 CD Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma City OK [SBD] A- 05/21/77 93 CD SBD Municipal Auditorium, Nashville TN B+ 08/25/77 86 CD FM Alladin, Las Vegas NV [from LP] B 08/25/77 85 CT Las Vegas, NV B+ 12/01/77 100 CD AUD Nagoya-shi-Kokaido, Nagoya Japan B+ 12/04/77 93 CD AUD Expo Hall, Osaka Japan 08/30/78 CD LSU Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge LA B+ xx/xx/79 44 CD 1979 Tour Final Rehearsal 11/06/79 CD Checker Dome, St.Louis MO A- 08/11/80 73 CD SBD Mobile AL (inc.) A- 10/12/82 96 CD SBD Mid South Coliseum, Memphis TN A- 06/03/05 78 CD AUD Stevie Nicks - First Union Center, Philadelphia PA (w/Don Henley) B+ 04/04/13 144 CD AUD Nationwide Arena, Columbus OH [live2cd src] 04/20/13 CD AUD Mohegan Sun Casino Arena, Uncasville CT 04/28/13 CD AUD Xcel Energy Center, St.Paul MN [IEM+AUD MTX 24 bit, alz src] A- 09/30/14 141 CD AUD Target Center, Minneapolis MN A- 10/06/14 148 CD AUD Madison Square Garden, NYC [Mr.Railing src]
FOREIGNER 03/30/80 49 CD FM 'KBFH': The Omni, Atlanta GA 11/08/85 CD FM Westwood One, Reunion Arena, Dallas TX A 09/14/88 78 CD PFM Westwood One: Nippon Budokan, Tokyo
PETER FRAMPTON A 07/04/79 103 CD PFM 'Supergroups In Concert': The Summit, Fort Worth TX
PETER GABRIEL A 11/06/93 117 CD 'Human Wave Wall': Deutschlandhalle, Berlin B 07/29/01 67 CD AUD WOMAD Festival, Redmond WA A xx/xx/xx 135 CD PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel NJ
THE GO GO's A- 08/31/81 52 CD FM Emerald City, Cherry Hill NJ
GOLDEN EARRING A 03/14/83 75 CD SBD Breakaway Club, Akron OH [NoSpEx remaster] A 06/25/89 52 CD FM Parkpop Festival, Den Haag Holland A- 07/01/89 96 CD FM '3rd LIVE' Repaired Edition: Huizpop, Huizen Holland
GOVT MULE A- 06/06/15 114 CD AUD Mountain Jam XI, Hunter Mountain, Hunter NY (all Pink Floyd)
GRATEFUL DEAD B+ 02/28/69 65 CT Fillmore West, San Francisco CA; Show II A- 04/05/69 134 CD SBD Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco CA A- 07/12/69 59 CD SBD set II, New York State Pavilion, Queens NYC A- 12/26/69 79 CD SBD electric set, McFarlin Auditorium, Dallas TX A- xx/xx/69 CD 'Dark Star Anthology, Vol.1' (missing cut from 'Live Dead') A- xx/xx/69 76 CD 'Dark Star Anthology, Vol.2' A- xx/xx/69 76 CD 'Dark Star Anthology, Vol.3' A- xx/xx/69 77 CD 'Dark Star Anthology, Vol.5' B+ 06/26/87 90 CT AUD Alpine Valley, East Troy WI; Set II A 04/07/91 147 CD Orlando Arena, Orlando FL
GREAT WHITE B+ 02/28/97 94 CD AUD Birch Hill Night Club, Old Bridge NJ
GTR B 09/14/86 46 CD FM Hammersmith Odeon, London
GUNS N'ROSES B+ xx/xx/88 7 CD AUD 'Accidental Fxxkin' Discharge': "Sweet Child of Mine (demo)" B 07/10/88 74 CD AUD 'Accidental Fxxkin' Discharge': Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix AZ B 09/10/88 52 CD AUD 'Accidental Fxxkin' Discharge': Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View CA A- 12/07/88 87 CD SBD Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo Japan B 09/06/89 8 CD TV 'Easy Crime': MTV Video Music Awards (x2) B+ 05/29/91 126 CD AUD 'Easy Crime': Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville IN A 04/06/92 147 CD 'At Oklahoma': Myriad Arena, Oklahoma City OK B- 07/25/92 135 CD AUD 'L.S.D.': Rich Stadium, Orchard Park NY A- 12/05/92 136 CD 'Night of the Livid Red Head: Definitive Edition': Buenos Aires Argentina A 11/25/02 55 CD SBD 'Columbus Soundboard': Nationwide Arena, Columbus OH B 04/08/16 148 CD AUD T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas NC
BUDDY GUY B+ 07/19/92 45 CD SBD Pola Solari, Santa Fe NM
STU HAMM B+ 07/20/91 85 CD AUD World Stage, Spring Valley NY xx/xx/91 CD Axis Club, Boston MA [inc] B 07/02/08 118 CD AUD guitar clinic, Northcote Social Club, Melbourne Australia B+ 04/18/14 125 CD AUD The Iridium Jazz Club, NYC B+ 07/15/15 87 CD AUD Regatta Bar, Cambridge MA [Farve4 src] A- 12/05/15 103 CD AUD Rhum Academy of Music, Kokomo IN
HAGAR SCHON ARRONSON SCHRIEVE A- 11/14/84 76 CD PFM Civic Auditorium, San Jose CA
HEART A 08/03/76 45 CD 'Secret Heart Illustrated': The Night Gallery, Chicago IL B+ 08/03/76 45 CT 'Secret Heart Illustrated': The Night Gallery, Chicago IL [from vinyl] A- 10/16/76 80 CD John Carroll University, Cleveland OH A+ 07/17/77 47 CD PFM BBC Rock Hour, Los Angeles CA B+ 08/10/77 72 CD AUD Tower Theater, Upper Darby PA B+ 09/xx/77 45 CD FM 'California Nights Part 1': Great Western Forum, Inglewood CA [some radio noise] A 12/31/77 30 CD PFM Universal Ampitheatre, Los Angeles CA (x6)[same show as above! ?date?] B+ 05/12/78 88 CD AUD 'California Nights Part 2': Selland Arena, Fresno CA B+ 12/31/78 99 CD SBD Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle WA A 01/27/79 95 CD FM Music Hall, Boston MA A 04/03/80 93 CD FM WMET FM, Tarrant Cty Conv Ctr, Fort Worth TX B 10/02/81 40 CT Greek Theater, Berkeley CA B+ 07/12/82 86 CD SBD Parker's Ballroom, Seattle WA A 11/xx/83 53 CD SBD Nashville and Memphis TN (bonus tracks on 7/12/82)(x11) A- 11/13/83 70 CD PFM 'The Source' LPs: Memorial Coliseum, Greenville SC A- 03/23/84 58 CD FM Bandshell, Daytona Beach FL 08/28/85 83 CD AUD Bayfront Center, St. Petersburg FL A 08/31/85 85 CD FM 'Splendid Resurrection': 'Supergroups Live', Raleigh NC A 12/08/85 52 CD FM 'Splendid Resurrection': 'Best of the Biscuit', Memphis TN B+ 06/25/86 65 CD FM NHK, Tokyo Japan [some distortion] A 08/02/87 74 CD FM 'Straight From The Heart': Coliseum, Portland OR A 07/03/02 117 CD Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater FL + soundcheck (ALD recording) B+ 05/02/07 87 CD AUD Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater FL B+ 10/06/12 82 CD AUD MGM Grand at Foxwoods, Mashantucket CT B+ 10/09/12 91 CD AUD Orpheum Theater, Boston MA A- 10/12/12 85 CD AUD Tower Theater, Upper Darby PA
JIMI HENDRIX 10/18/66 CD 'Live In Europe 66-70': LíOlympia, Paris, France (x3) 01/17/67 67? CD 'Live In Europe 66-70': second show, Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt Germany A+ 02/13/67 14 CD REC 'Radio One': Saturday Club TV Show 03/02/67 CD 'Live In Europe 66-70': Beat Club, London + outtakes (x4) 03/18/67 CD 'Live In Europe 66-70': Twenclub radio show, Hamburg Germany (x6) A+ 03/28/67 8 CD REC 'Radio One': Saturday Club TV Show 05/11/67 CD 'Live In Europe 66-70': Theatre DíIssy Les Molineaux, Paris (x2) 05/18/67 CD 'Live In Europe 66-70': Beat Beat Beat TV show, Offenbach Germany (x3) C 05/18/67 5 CT Beat Club TV Show 05/25/67 CD 'Live In Europe 66-70': "Wild Thing", Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen Denmark A 09/05/67 31 CD REC 'Stages': Stockholm Radiohus, Sweden A+ 10/06/67 17 CD REC 'Radio One': BBC Top Gear Show 10/09/67 CD 'Live In Europe 66-70': Musicorama, L'Olympia, Paris B+ 10/09/67 40 CT Olympia Ballroom, France A+ 10/17/67 6 CD REC 'Radio One': Korner's R&B Show 11/10/67 CD 'Live In Europe 66-70': VPRO Hoepla!, Bussum Holland (x5) A+ 12/15/67 20? CD REC 'Radio One': BBC Top Gear Show 12/22/67 CD 'Live In Europe 66-70': Christmas on Earth, Olympia, London (x3) A- xx/xx/67 40 CD 'Out of the Studio': demos (x6) B+ xx/xx/67 42 CD 'Live Broadcasts': FM and TV (x13) B+ xx/xx/67 72 CD AUD 'Psychedelic Experience' (x22) B xx/xx/68 90? CT 'First Rays of the New Rising Sun': unreleased album A- xx/xx/6x 60 CD 'A Session' (w/Traffic) A- xx/xx/68 48? CT Amsterdam, Holland A- xx/xx/6x 61 CD Sotheby's Auction Tapes, Axis outtakes A 01/29/68 50 CD REC 'Stages': Paris, France B 02/16/68 62 CD AUD 'Way Down In Texas Land' (ATM 107): State Fair Music Hall, Dallas TX B 02/17/68 54 CD AUD 'Way Down In Texas Land' (ATM 108): Will Rogers Auditorium, Fort Worth TX B 03/17/68 81 CD AUD 'Blues At Midnight': Cafe au Go-Go, NYC [twiley remaster] B+ 03/17/68 81 CD AUD 'Blues At Midnight': Cafe au Go-Go, NYC [acetboy remaster of twiley src] B- 03/17/68 52 CT Cafe Au Go-Go, NYC B 03/19/68 65 CT Ottawa, Canada (Show II) B+ 05/10/68 53 CD AUD 'It's Only a Papermoon': Fillmore East, NYC (x8) B 08/03/68 63 CD AUD 'Way Down in Texas Land Vol.3' (ATM 168 Rev.A): Moody Coliseum, Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX [gen2] B 08/04/68 35 CD AUD 'Way Down in Texas Land Vol.3' (ATM 169 Rev.A): early show, Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston TX [gen2] B- 10/10/68 65 CT Winterland, San Francisco CA (Show I) B 10/10/68 80 CT Winterland, San Francisco CA (Show II) A+ 10/10/68 70 CD REC 'Live at Winterland': excerpts from all 3 dates A- 01/04/69 10 CT LuLu TV Show A 01/09/69 57 CD 'The Stockholm Concerts': early show, Konsertheuest, Stockholm Sweden A 01/09/69 66 CD 'The Stockholm Concerts': late show, Konsertheuest, Stockholm Sweden A 01/09/69 50 CT Stockholm, Sweden (Show I) A 01/09/69 55 CT Stockholm, Sweden (Show II) 01/13/69 56? CD 'Live In Europe 66-70': Sporthalle, Köln Germany B 01/16/69 60 CD AUD late show, Meistersingerhalle, Nuremberg Germany [HeinerB src] B- 01/16/69 57 CD AUD "Nuremberg 16.01.69" [ATM 149 Rev.A]: Meistersingerhalle, Nuremberg Germany 01/23/69 CD 'Live In Europe 66-70': Sportpalast Berlin, Germany A- 02/18/69 91 CD AUD 'First Night At The Royal Albert Hall' [EAT34-35]: London 02/24/69 CD 'An Evening With the Jimi Hendrix Experience': Royal Albert Hall, London A- 02/24/69 115 CT Royal Albert Hall, London A 05/24/69 60 CD REC 'Stages': San Diego CA B+ 06/20/69 64 CD AUD San Fernando Valley State College, Northridge CA B+ 06/22/69 86 CD AUD San Fernando Valley State College, Northridge CA B 07/06/69 60 CT Newport Jazz Festival, Newport RI C 07/10/69 10 CT Tonight Show (w/Flip Wilson) 08/xx/69 3CD 'Gypsy Suns and Rainbows' [ATM 246-248 GSR-NYC] B 08/xx/69 5 CT Dick Cavett Show B+ 08/17/69 115 CT Woodstock, White Lake Bethel NY B+ xx/xx/xx 40 CT Studio (source unknown) B- xx/xx/69 90 CT Jazz Jams (1969 or 1970) xx/xx/69 15CD 'Studio '69' xx/xx/69 79 CD 'Singing The Blues In New York City' xx/xx/69 92 CD 'AstroMan's Mannish Boy Session Edit 2005' A 12/31/69 65 CT REC 'Band Of Gypsies I & II': Fillmore East NYC A- 12/31/69 CD AUD Fillmore East NYC: early show A- 69/xx/70 148 CD 'The First Rays of the New Rising Sun': studio sessions A- 01/01/70 176 CD AUD Fillmore East NYC: both early show and late show A+ 03/30/70 68 CD REC 'Live in Berkley May 30, 1970 2nd Show' A- 03/30/70 25 CT Berkeley Community Center, Berkeley CA A- 04/25/70 85 CD AUD Los Angeles Forum, Inglewood CA [src1&src3+src2 mix] B+ 04/25/70 90 CT Los Angeles Forum, Inglewood CA B 05/08/70 65 CD AUD late show, University of Oklahoma, Norman OK B- 05/09/70 71 CD AUD 'Way Down in Texas Land II' (ATM 126 Rev.A): Will Rogers Coliseum, Fort Worth TX B- 05/10/70 66 CD AUD 'Way Down in Texas Land II' (ATM 127 Rev.A): San Antonio Hemisfair Arena, San Antonio TX [gen2] B 06/13/70 73 CD AUD Civic Center, Baltimore MD [src1 gen1] B 06/27/70 48 CD AUD Boston Garden, Boston MA [src1 gen2] A 07/04/70 55 CD REC 'Stages': Atlanta Pop Festival, GA B- 07/04/70 90 CT Atlanta Pop Festival, GA B 07/17/70 45 CT NY Pop Festival A 07/30/70 65 CT Maui, Hawaii (last American show) A 07/30/70 25 VD REC 'Rainbow Bridge': Hawaii (HiFi) 08/01/70 CD AUD H.I.C. Arena, Honolulu HI A 08/30/70 71 CD REC 'Blue Wild Angel': Isle of Wight B 08/30/70 55 CT Isle of Wight B 08/31/70 90 CT Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen 09/02/70 CD 'Live In Europe 66-70': Vejlby-Risskov Hallen, Arhus Denmark B 09/03/70 42 CD AUD KB Hallen, Copenhagen Denmark [inc.] 09/06/70 75? CD 'Live In Europe 66-70': Love and Peace Festival, Isle Of Fehmarn, Germany B- 09/06/70 35 CT Isle of Fehmarn (last Experience show) C 09/16/70 15 CT Ronnie Scott's Club (w/Eric Burdon) (last Jimi!) A- 67/xx/70 656 CD 'In The Studio Volumes 1-10' [Reclamation box set] A xx/xx/03 312 5CD FM 'For Everyone' radio show + KPFA tapes
GARY HOEY B+ 12/01/07 85 CD AUD The Saint, Asbury Park NJ [overdriven audio] A- 12/03/10 115 CD AUD Lighthouse Bar, Twin Rivers Casino, Lincoln RI [Farve4 Master]
JOHN LEE HOOKER A- 06/18/76 42 CD Universität zu Köln, Köln Germany B+ 06/15/97 41 CD FM Playboy Jazz Festival, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood CA (w.Coast to Coast Blues Band)[some static]
BRUCE HORNSBY A+ 86/--/87 46 CD REC 'Live - The Way It Is': tour promo release A+ xx/xx/xx 58 CD REC 'Looking Back, Moving Forward' radio show
HOWLIN' WOLF A 08/23/73 59 CD PFM Ebbets Field, Denver CO
ICYCLE WORKS A- xx/xx/84 37 CD FM The Palace, Hollywood CA
BILLY IDOL A 06/01/84 53 CD PFM 'Supergroups': Poplar Creek, Hoffman Estates IL A- 05/11/87 78 CD FM Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View CA A- 11/29/90 140 CD FM 'Idolatry': Palatrussardi, Milan Italy +1984-09-27, The Palladium, Hollywood CA (x8) A 06/07/14 18 CD FM Sweden Rock Festival 2014, Norje Sweden (x3)
INXS A 11/15/85 72 CD 'Good & Bad': Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood CA 03/28/92 51 CD 'Live In Sydney': Centennial Park, Sydney Australia A 04/24/97 56 CD FM Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles CA
IRON BUTTERFLY A xx/xx/xx 38 LP REC 'Live': 19 minutes of Ina-Gada-da-Vida
IRON MAIDEN B+ 05/26/83 116 CD 'Die With Your Boots On': Hammersmith Odeon, London B 07/03/05 92 CD AUD Bospopfestival, Boshoven, Weert, NL (PRR06)
JOE JACKSON A- 02/23/80 65 CD FM Orpheum Theater, Boston MA
RICK JAMES A- 11/27/82 90 CD SBD Montego Bay, Jamaica
JEFFERSON STARSHIP A 07/07/76 112 CD FM WNEW-FM, Central Park, NYC
JETHRO TULL A- 10/26/80 47 CD 'Caught in the Crossfire': Checkerdome, St.Louis MO A- 11/12/80 23 CD 'Caught in the Crossfire': Sports Arena, Los Angeles CA
JOAN JETT A- 07/19/76 55 CD FM The Runaways - Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH (?date 7/21/76?) B+ 12/27/80 52 CD FM WNEW FM, The Bottom Line, NYC B+ 12/08/81 83 CD FM London Victory Club, Philladelphia PA A- 01/03/82 51 CD FM 'Rebel Rebel': NYC A- 02/20/82 70 CD FM El Mocambo, Toronto ON A- 12/04/82 65 CD AUD NHK Hall, Tokyo Japan
BILLY JOEL A 05/06/77 104 CD FM 'Greenvale 1977': Greenvale NY A 08/02/02 196 CD SBD Billy Joel & Elton John - Hartford Civic Center, Hartford CT
ELTON JOHN A 11/04/84 77 CD CD Westwood One: The Centrum, Worcester MA A 11/04/84 77 CD PFM Westwood One, Worcester MA A 08/02/02 196 CD SBD Billy Joel & Elton John - Hartford Civic Center, Hartford CT
ERIC JOHNSON - see separate list
JOURNEY A 01/01/73 55 CD 'Charge of the Light Brigade' +3 other trax A- 01/01/73 64 CD AUD SSE aka Birthday - Sunshine Festival, Diamond Head crater, Honolulu HI 12/31/73 CD Winterland, San Francisco CA 05/27/74 CD Record Plant, Sausalito CA B+ 03/19/76 53 CD AUD Orpheum Theatre, Boston MA B+ 06/08/77 62 CD Coliseum, Seattle WA [some distortion] A- 12/31/77 90 CD FM KSAN, Cow Palace, Daly City CA B+ 03/24/78 64 CD FM 'Next Karma': Tower Theatre, Upper Darby PA B 09/02/78 77 CD 'Look Into the Future': Monitro Studio, San Francisco CA A- 04/15/79 109 CD SBD 'Live My Life' [speed corrected]: Shibuya-Kaikando, Tokyo Japan A- 05/09/79 74 CD FM 'City of Broncos': Rainbow Music Hall, Denver CO A- 05/28/79 96 CD FM 'Shining in the Silver Moon': Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL A 04/12/80 94 CD FM 'Messin' with the Kid': Summit, Houston TX B+ 09/06/81 87 CD 'Breakin' All the Rules': Alpine Valley, East Troy WI A- 06/04/83 70 CD 'Memories Remain': JFK Stadium, Philadephia PA A 07/20/83 81 CD PFM 'Westwood One': Loyd Noble Center, Norman OK [maybe mixed sources?] A 10/09/86 95 CD FM Joe Louis Arena, Detroit MI
MILLA JOVOVICH B 07/13/94 22 CD FM World Cafe, WXPN Radio, Philadelphia PA (hissy) B 07/13/94 21 CD AUD World Cafe, Philadelphia PA B 08/01/94 67 CD AUD Great American Music Hall, San Francisco CA
JUDAS PRIEST A- 07/31/78 58 CD 'Genocide': Kosei-Nenkin Hall, Tokyo Japan [SBD] B 08/03/78 73 CD Aichi-Ken, Nagoya Japan B+ 10/23/78 30 CD FM BBC In Concert [Revox src] B+ 10/23/78 30 CD FM BBC In Concert [yono66 src] B+ 02/09/79 101 CD AUD 'Killer Employee's Pension': Tokyo Japan
KANSAS A 12/02/75 79 CD PFM 'The Pinnacle Of Mayhem' [PRRP 036]: Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh PA 12/12/75 48 CD SBD Paramount Theater, Portland OR A- 03/23/76 49 CD AUD 'Two More For The Show Part One' [PrrP SAE 07]: New Orleans LA A- 04/13/76 51 CD AUD 'Two More For The Show Part Two' [PrrP SAE 07]: A- 10/31/76 134 CD PFM 'Mayhem Symphony' [PRRP 018]: Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh PA (date?)(includes Ambrosia opening act) B 11/06/76 87 CD FM Memorial Hall, Kansas City KS B+ 12/13/77 103 CD AUD Providence RI [PRRP 059 from D.Lampinski source] B+ 12/13/77 103 CD AUD Providence RI [D.Lampinski source] A- 07/07/78 97 CD AUD Nassau Coliseum, Long Island NY 08/26/78 79 CD Mosport Park, Bowmanville, Barrie Canada A- 10/28/80 74 CD FM 'The Source': Uptown Theater, Chicago IL A- 11/20/80 94 CD FM 'Final Visions': NYC [remaster] A 11/20/80 96 CD FM 'A Night On The Road': Palladium, NYC A+ 11/20/80 98 CD PFM 'A Night On the Road': Palladium, NYC 01/10/83 CD PFM Universal Amp., Los Angeles CA [from vinyl] A 08/10/03 69 CD PFM The Grove, Anaheim CA B+ 07/07/15 86 CD AUD Elk Grove Village, Chicago IL
BB KING B+ 09/01/69 43 CD SBD Texas Pop Fest, Dallas TX A 04/09/78 82 CD PFM Paul's Mall, Boston MA A- 11/05/93 87 CD FM Aalener Jazzfest, Aalen Germany 01/15/12 CD AUD RiverCenter, Columbus GA
KINGS-X B 08/13/02 36 CD AUD City Lights Pavillion, Denver CO (open for Joe Satriani)[TaperB source]
SAM KINISON 12/12/86 62 CD AUD Wolfgangs, San Francisco CA [littleguy source]
KISS B+ 09/03/76 67 CD SBD 'The Spirit of '76': Richfield Coliseum, Richfield OH [hissy] B+ 12/03/80 92 CD Western Springs, Auckland NZ A 09/03/94 109 CD SBD Monsters of Rock, Buenos Aires Argentina
LADY GAGA A+ xx/xx/09 47 CD REC 'The Remix' (x10) A+ xx/xx/09 9 CD REC 'The Cherrytree Sessions' (x3) A 04/20/09 25 MP FM Live Lounge, BBC Radio 1, UK (x2 + interview) B+ 12/03/09 115 CD AUD Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden NJ [Nicky source] 01/20/10 CD AUD Radio City Music Hall, NYC 04/14/10 CD AUD Kobe Japan 04/17/10 CD AUD Yokohama Arena, Yokohama Japan 04/18/10 CD AUD Yokohama Arena, Yokohama Japan 07/01/10 139 CD AUD TD Bank Garden, Boston MA 07/07/10 127 CD AUD MSG, New York, NY B 08/11/10 127 CD AUD Staples Center, Los Angeles CA B+ 08/21/10 130 CD AUD Tacoma Dome, Tacoma WA B 08/30/10 131 CD AUD Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul MN B+ 09/02/10 130 CD AUD 'Monsterball Milwaukee': The Bradley Center, Milwaukee WI [DMP-023] 09/14/10 126 CD AUD Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia PA 09/18/10 124 CD AUD Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte NC B+ 11/09/10 117 CD AUD Stadio Olimpico, Torino Italy 02/19/11 CD AUD Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City NJ A+ xx/xx/11 21 CD REC "Born This Way" (x4) B- 03/06/11 106 CD AUD Scotiabank Place, Ottawa Canada B+ 04/09/11 116 CD AUD New Orleans Arena, New Orleans LA 04/23/11 CD AUD Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY xx/xx/11 14 MP REC 'A Very Gaga Holiday' (x4) A 05/15/11 47 CD FM Carlisle Airport, Carlisle UK [Kravad src] A- 05/10/12 122 CD AUD 'Nativity Of The Monster': Saitama Super Arena, Saitama Japan B 09/18/12 144 CD AUD Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam B+ 02/11/13 145 CD AUD Bell Centre, Montreal B 04/03/14 65 CD AUD Roseland Ballroom, NYC B+ 10/19/14 118 CD AUD The Hydro, Glasgow UK
GREG LAKE B+ 11/21/81 60 CD AUD Toronto Canada (w/Gary Moore)
CYNDI LAUPER B+ 11/29/83 55 CD AUD Ripley Music Hall, Philadelphia PA A 12/14/83 53 CD FM Coffee Break Concert, WMMS-FM, Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH 05/02/84 CD FM The Metro, Boston MA A- 10/10/84 73 CD FM The Summit, Houston TX (some static) A- 03/12/87 89 CD Le Zénith, Paris France B xx/xx/89 19 CD AUD movie wrap party, Miami FL
LED ZEPPELIN - see separate list
LIFE, SEX, AND DEATH A- xx/xx/92 28 CD FM The Palace, Hollywood CA (some hiss) B 09/30/92 36 CD AUD Troubador, Hollywood CA
LITTLE FEAT A 04/10/73 59 CD FM WLIR-FM, Ultrasonic Studios, Hempstead, Long Island NY
LITTLE RIVER BAND A 01/23/82 59 CD PFM London [PFM vinyl w. commercials] B 06/29/13 86 CD AUD Riverwalk, Phenix City AL [JF src]
LIVE A- 10/24/99 53 CD PFM 'In Concert': House of Blues, Las Vegas NV [low levels]
LOVERBOY A- 04/02/82 62 CD FM Bob Devaney Sports Center, Lincoln NE
LYNYRD SKYNYRD B 12/03/73 37 CD AUD Boston Garden, Boston MA B+ 05/20/74 49 CD AUD Civic Center, Santa Monica CA B+ 02/07/75 61 CD AUD The Mosque, Richmond VA [JEMS 2015] B+ 03/19/75 46 CD AUD 'Saturday Night Special': Soldiers And Sailors Memorial, Chatanooga Arena, Chatanooga TN B+ 04/07/76 88 CD AUD Orpheum Theatre, Boston MA B 06/xx/76 18 CD AUD 'Lost Demos & Rehearsals': living room, Jacksonville FL B 07/25/76 81 CD AUD Civic Center, Lakeland FL B 02/04/77 68 CD AUD Free Trade Hall, Manchester UK B 02/05/77 121 CD AUD City Hall, Sheffield UK (w/soundcheck) B+ xx/xx/xx 45 CT 'Cardiff Peaches': Cardiff, UK B 01/08/78 52 CD FM Super Jam (first after plane crash) A 02/15/92 107 CD Sporthalle, Hamburg Germany
PAUL McCARTNEY B+ xx/xx/69 25 CT FM "Is Paul Dead?": WAKY broadcast B 06/23/76 130 CT 'Wings From the Wings': Los Angeles Forum A- 11/12/13 158 CD AUD Osaka Dome, Osaka Japan
MADONNA B+ 04/23/85 45 CD AUD Civic Auditorium, San Francisco CA B+ 04/28/85 66 CD Universal Amphitheater, Universal City CA A 05/07/90 96 CD FM 'Westwood One': Dallas TX
BOB MARLEY B+ 05/25/78 29 CD late show, Orpheum Theater, Madison WI [inc., x6] A 07/07/78 51 CD FM Ahoy, Rotterdam Holland [2006 FM] B xx/xx/79 84 CD Wounded Lion Session + Survival Rehearsal [hissy]
THE MARS VOLTA 07/21/03 97 CD AUD Opera House, Toronto Ontario
MARSHALL TUCKER BAND A- 05/16/81 77 CD AUD 'The Source' [PFM LP]: Six Flags, Jackson NJ
SETH McFARLANE B+ 01/25/15 79 CD AUD Ron Jones Influence Jazz Orchestra - Catalinas Bar and Grill, Los Angeles CA
MEAT LOAF A- 11/28/77 79 CD FM WNEW-FM, late show (not KBFH), Bottom Line, NYC [some static] A- 11/29/77 42 CD PFM WLIR-FM, My Fathers Place, Roslyn NY [LP src] A- 01/18/78 73 CD El Mocambo, Toronto [either FM or SBD, some static?] 04/19/78 60 CD FM 'KBFH' complete w commercials, Cleveland Music Hall, Cleveland OH A- 06/06/78 78 CD FM Hammersmith Odeon, London [both FM-edited and uncut versions] A- 09/01/78 78 CD SBD 'Live At Nassau Coliseum': Nassau Coliseum, NYC B+ 03/20/88 176 CD AUD NEC, Birmingham UK 04/21/93 144? CD International Arena, Cardiff UK [SBD?] A 09/18/93 78 CD SBD 'Hell Can Wait': Hudson Theatre, New York A- 02/21/99 56 CD FM BBC2, Comic Relief, Hippodrome Theatre, London [hissy] B 10/28/15 98 CD AUD Verizon Theater, Grand Prairie TX
JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP A 04/10/84 77 CD PFM Westwood One: IU, Bloomington IN A+ 03/04/88 76 CD 'Hurts So Good': Los Anados Hotel, Dallas TX
MEN WITHOUT HATS A- xx/xx/83 52 CD AUD 'Rhythm Of Youth Live' A 08/07/83 28 CD PFM 'BBC Rock Hour' [PFM Vinyl] A- 08/27/84 63 CD Edmonton, Alberta Canada
METALLICA B+ 11/30/86 110 VD Oklahoma City OK B+ 12/01/86 90 CT 'Assassin': Felt Forum, NYC
M.I.A. A 08/02/07 34 CD FM KCRW, Santa Monica CA B+ 09/08/07 37 CD AUD Virgin Festival, Toronto Islands Canada [Krewe Chief source]
STEVE MILLER BAND 07/01/73 CD 'Greatest Live Collection' CD3: Record Plant, Sausalito CA [SBD] A- 08/20/83 34 CD FM Freilichtbühne Loreley, St.Goarshausen Germany A+ 07/08/89 150 CD SBD Starlight Theater, Kansas City MO A 08/09/91 74 CD SBD 'Abracadabra': Irvine CA A 10/15/11 50 CD FM 'Musikclub in Concert', WDR 2 FM, Phillipshalle, Duesseldorf Germany
MINISTRY B+ 02/13/90 78 CD 'Power Department': Royal Grove Ballroom, Omaha NE A- 03/15/90 70 CD SBD 'Trip To Hell': Mississippi Nights, St.Louis MO C 08/29/92 60 CD AUD 'Cold Metal': Alpine Valley, East Troy WI B 09/09/92 63 CD AUD 'Lollapalooza 92': New Orleans LA B+ 12/03/92 78 CD AUD Paramount Theatre, NYC A+ xx/xx/xx 15 CD REC "Jesus Built My Hotrod" CDS (x3) A+ xx/xx/xx 17 CD REC "Just One Fix" CDS (x3) A+ xx/xx/xx 18 CD REC "N.W.O." CDS (x3) A- 05/12/96 36 CD PFM Westwood One #99-35 (w/commercials): The Joint, Las Vegas NV A+ 05/12/96 48 CD FM The Joint, Las Vegas NV A- 06/29/96 49 CD FM Waldrock Festival, Bergum Holland B 10/30/04 88 CD AUD Jannus Landing, St.Petersburg FL
MONTY PYTHON B+ 07/17/08 84 CD AUD Eric Idle and the Houston Symphony - 'Not The Messiah': Jones Hall, Houston TX
MOODY BLUES A xx/xx/6x 41 CD REC 'Days of Future Passed' [original UK stereo vinyl mix] B 01/30/74 49 CD 'Grande Toure': The Forum, Los Angeles CA
THE MONKEES B+ 08/07/86 63 CD AUD Poplar Creek, Hoffman Estates IL [hissy]
STEVE MORSE B+ 09/27/13 43 CD AUD Orpheum Theatre, Boston MA [Farve4 master]
NEW ORDER B+ 11/06/81 47 CD AUD Perkins Palace, Pasadena CA
STEVIE NICKS 09/06/86 CD FM Cuyahoga Fairgrounds, Weedsport NY 08/17/91 CD Greek Theatre, Los Angeles CA 11/14/91 CD Whiskey A Go Go, Los Angeles CA 09/18/94 CD 'Gold Dust Superstar': House of Blues, Hollywood CA
NINE INCH NAILS A xx/xx/88 67 CD 'Demos and Remixes' C 02/17/90 41 CD AUD The Power Station, Melbourne FL B- 03/10/90 45 CT Citiclub, Boston MA 06/26/90 51 CD Live Video Bar, Dallas TX B 07/01/90 61 CD AUD 'Missletwister': The Power Station, Melbourne FL B 07/12/91 50 CT AUD Tipitinas, New Orleans LA B 07/26/91 45 CT Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountainview CA B+ 09/02/91 35 CT AUD Brussels, Belgium A+ xx/xx/92 57 CD REC 'Head Like A Hole': remixes A+ xx/xx/90 ? CD REC 'Sin: Long, Dub & Short': remixes (x4) A xx/xx/93 40 CD REC 'Fixed': hard industrial remixes (x6) A+ xx/xx/94 5 CD REC "Dead Souls": 'The Crow Soundtrack' A+ xx/xx/94 ? CD REC 'March of the Pigs' (x5) A+ xx/xx/94 ? CD REC 'Closer to God' (x9) B+ 04/20/94 64 CD AUD 'Crossed Nails': Seattle WA (NOT La Luna, Portland OR) B 04/27/94 75 CD AUD 'March of the Pigs': Hollywood CA B 05/05/94 80 CD AUD 'Coming Down Fast': Atlanta GA (?date?)(?venue?) B 05/25/94 78 CD AUD 'Shallow Grave': The Forum, London A 08/14/94 85 VD TV Woodstock II B+ 12/31/94 74 CD AUD 'Nails In My Head': The Palace, Auburn Hills MI (NOT 11/04/94) xx/xx/xx CD 'Rusty Nails' mix compilation B 09/16/95 74 CD AUD 'Glamour Death': Great Woods PAC, Mansfield MA A 09/22/95 71 CD 'Feel the Pain': Philadelphia PA (?date?) A- 10/11/95 156 CD SBD Riverport Ampitheater, Maryland Heights MO (w/David Bowie) A+ xx/xx/95 64 CD REC 'Further on Down the Spiral': USA (x11) A+ xx/xx/95 20 CD REC 'Further on Down the Spiral': UK (x10) (4 new songs) A+ xx/xx/97 ? CD REC 'The Perfect Drug Versions' (x5) A+ 04/27/00 36 CD Q101 Acoustic Radio Show, Chicago IL A- 07/08/xx 74 CD 'Fragiliglade': Forestglade Festival, Weisen Austria 03/23/05 CD AUD William Saroyan Theatre, Fresno CA 03/25/05 CD AUD Freeborn Hall, UC Davis, Davis CA B+ 05/04/05 84 CD AUD Fillmore Auditorium, Denver CO B+ xx/xx/xx 296 CD AUD 'A Mix Of All That Was': compilation of every song ever played live A+ xx/xx/08 110 CD REC 'Ghosts I-IV' A+ xx/xx/08 44 DV REC 'The Slip' A+ xx/xx/09 23 CD REC NIN JA 2009 Tour Sampler (w/Janes Addiction, Street Sweeper) (x6) A xx/xx/xx 77 CD live songs from Vimeo video source B+ 09/10/09 193 CD AUD last show ever, The Wiltern, Los Angeles CA [JB source] A+ xx/xx/13 80 2CD REC 'Hesitation Marks'
NIRVANA A 89/--/91 79 CD FM 'The Eternal Legacy' A- xx/xx/90 42 CT Seattle WA, studio/outtakes B 10/10/91 85 CT St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit MI 10/31/91 72 CD Paramount Theatre, Seattle WA 12/31/91 CD 'Jam Like Hell (Platinum Edition)': Cow Palace, San Francisco CA B+ 12/13/93 38 CD TV Pier 48, Seattle WA B 12/31/93 108 CD AUD Oakland Coliseum, CA A- 02/22/94 79 CD 'XXIIMCMXCIV': Rome Italy
ALDO NOVA A- 08/12/82 23 CD FM WAAF, The Worcester Centrum, Worcester MA
TED NUGENT B+ 10/31/75 52 CD FM Electric Ballroom, Dallas TX B 12/27/75 67 CD FM Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL B+ 01/22/77 51 CD PFM KBFH, San Antonio TX 01/09/79 CD SBD Jefferson Civic Center, Birmingham AL A- 10/12/79 75 CD 'Panic in Detroit 1979-1981': Grande Ballroom, Detroit MI A- 05/15/81 115 CD Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle WA A- 09/15/81 74 CD 'Panic in Detroit 1979-1981': Cobo Hall Arena, Detroit MI A- 12/09/87 62 CD SBD Erie Civic Center, Erie PA [hissy] xx/xx/88 CD SBD Sargans Switzerland A- xx/xx/95 60 CD FM 'FM Radio Session Jams - Vol 1': Detroit MI (x13) A- xx/xx/95 49 CD FM 'FM Radio Session Jams - Vol 2': Detroit MI (x10) A+ 09/04/02 107 CD Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater FL
SINEAD O'CONNOR A xx/xx/87 5 LP REC "Heroine": movie soundtrack to 'Captive' B+ 03/16/88 28 CT FM Vredenburg, Utrecht Holland A- 03/16/88 30 CD FM Vredenburg, Utrecht Holland [different source] 03/16/88 30 CD Vredenburg, Utrecht Holland B+ 03/16/88 46 CD AUD Vredenburg, Utrecht Holland B 03/17/88 52 CD Nijmegen Holland 03/31/88 CD Paradise Theater, Boston MA B 04/11/88 56 CD AUD Metro, Chicago IL [48k] B+ 04/22/88 53 CD AUD The Stone, San Francisco CA A 05/23/88 59 CD PFM Pinkpop Festival, Holland B+ 05/23/88 25 CT FM Pink Pop Festival B xx/xx/8? 45 VD REC 'The Year of the Horse': (not HiFi) A+ 06/03/88 35 VD REC 'The Value of Ignorance': (HiFi) A+ xx/xx/90 19 CD REC 'Emperors New Clothes': remixes & live 04/24/90 CD 'Beautiful Vision': Hammersmith Odeon, London B 05/19/90 66 CD AUD Chicago Theatre, Chicago IL [48k] 08/04/90 66 CD AUD World Music Theater, Tinley Park IL B+ 11/02/90 76 CD AUD 'Lion In The Cage': Palatrussardi, Milan A 04/08/95 32 CD FM? 'Visions': Recanati Italy A- 06/05/95 41 CD FM 'Visions': Pink Pop Festival, Holland (very small static) B 06/17/97 73 CD AUD Strand Theatre, Providence RI A- 04/23/00 56 CD FM 'Mystery Train': HQ, Dublin (?date?) B+ 01/15/03 104 CD AUD Bridgewater Hall, Manchester UK B 09/20/07 86 CD AUD Capitol Theater, Salt Lake City UT A 11/14/07 63 CD FM AVO Session, Festsaal Messe, Basel Switzerland A 07/08/10 99 CD FM Arena del mare, Porto Antico, Genova Italy A- 10/--/11 84 CD FM 2010-2011 Irish Radio + interviews A- 12/--/13 80 CD FM 2012-2013 FM Radio Broadcasts, Ireland (7/14/13, 12/26/12, 11/7/12)
ROBERT PALMER A 09/07/88 77 CD PFM Westwood One SiC 88-24, J.L.Knight Center, Miami FL
PARLIAMENT/FUNKADELIC 11/05/76 74 CD Convention Center, Dallas TX A 09/xx/77 53 CD SBD NYC A- 04/24/98 122 CD SBD George Clinton + The P-Funk Allstars - 'Colgate University': Hamilton NY A- 09/13/98 186 CD SBD George Clinton + The P-Funk Allstars - 'Fillmore': San Francisco CA B+ 07/22/99 139 CD Rome NY B+ 07/23/99 103 CD Woodstock 3 A- 10/21/99 128 CD Orlando FL A 08/11/15 99 CD FM Marciac-Fr Jazz Festival
PEARL JAM 08/xx/90 CD Gossman Project: early demos pre-Vedder B xx/xx/91 28 CT AUD Springfield CT A 10/06/91 31 CD FM Palladium, Hollywood CA B 11/08/91 40 CT AUD CBGB, NYC B- 11/29/91 37 CT AUD Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL 12/31/91 CD 'Jam Like Hell (Platinum Edition)': Cow Palace, San Francisco CA 02/12/92 CD Melkweg Amsterdam A- 03/02/92 73 CD FM Paard Van Troje, Den Haag Holland A 03/28/92 50 CT AUD Cabaret Metro, Chicago IL B+ 04/xx/92 15 CT AUD Limelight, NYC B 04/11/92 4 CT TV SNL: ("Alive") B 05/15/92 75 CT AUD San Francisco CA A+ 06/06/92 55 CD PFM 'The Haunted Finsbury' [SV002]: BBC, Finsbury Park, London A+ 06/06/92 51 CD FM BBC, Finsbury Park, London B+ 08/??/92 48 VD AUD Lollapalooza 92: Alpine Valley, East Troy WI A- 08/22/92 45 CD AUD Lollapalooza 92: Miami Stadium FL A- 09/26/92 74 CD SBD 'The Isle of Boom' [SV062]: Andrew's Amphitheater, Honolulu HI A xx/xx/92 28 VD TV 'MTV Unplugged': (HiFi) (x4) A- xx/xx/92 10 VD TV 'MTV "Singles" Movie Preiere': (HiFi) (x3) A+ xx/xx/93 59 CD REC 'The Vs. Sessions': pirate B-sides (pirate) B xx/xx/93 18 CD AUD 'The Vs. Sessions': Eddie w/The Doors 1993 B+ 03/28/94 124 CD AUD AT&T Bayfront Amphitheater, Miami FL B 03/28/94 36 CD AUD AT&T Bayfront Amphitheater, Miami FL: soundcheck (x7) A- 04/03/94 130 CT FM Omni, Atlanta GA A- xx/xx/9? 5 CT FM Memphis TN: "Sitting on Dock of the Bay" A 04/16/94 16 VD TV SNL: ("Not For You/Rearview Mirror/Daughter") xx/xx/xx MP REC 'Unplugged' 09/22/98 CD Coral Sky, West Palm Beach FL B+ 09/23/98 133 CD AUD 'Life' [SV012]: Coral Sky Amphitheater, West Palm Beach FL A- 08/05/16 171 CD AUD Fenway Park, Boston MA [datfly src] B 11/04/16 131 CD AUD Temple of the Dog - Tower Theater, Upper Darby PA [24/48] B+ 11/07/16 143 CD AUD Temple of the Dog - MSG, NYC [MTX] B+ 11/12/16 143 CD AUD Temple of the Dog - San Francisco CA
KATY PERRY B 05/07/11 117 CD AUD Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand A- 02/20/15 114 CD IEM Halle Tony Garnier, Lyon France
TOM PETTY A 09/13/89 75 CD PFM WW1 Superstars In Concert 90-05, UNC, Chapel Hill NC B 01/29/90 101 CD AUD Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte NC [Kylieminogue source] A 04/11/99 141 CD MTX Irving Plaza, NYC [Haugh MTXv2]
PHISH A- 04/16/91 90? CT Santa Cruz CA: set I
POLICE A 10/02/79 65 CD FM My Fathers Place, Roslyn NY 06/15/86 24? CD Amnesty International, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford NJ A- 06/12/08 102 CD AUD Hallenstadion, Zürich Switzerland [Martin66 source]
POLYPHONIC SPREE B+ 10/07/01 73 CD Dan's Bar, Denton TX B 06/14/03 76 CD AUD Bonnaroo 2, Manchester TN
POPA CHUBBY 08/18/01 59 CD AUD Freewheels, Cunlhat France 02/24/07 3CD Mexicali Blues, Teaneck NJ
ANA POPOVIC 07/03/04 110 CD AUD Blues Fest, Schrozberg Germany 08/09/10 CD AUD Musikfest, Bethleham PA
PORTISHEAD 04/17/95 74 CD 'Glory Box': Seattle WA 04/17/95 75 CT 'Mysterious Heads': Moe RnR Cafe, Seattle WA 04/xx/95 43 CD 'Nobody Loves Me': Italy 05/25/95 67 CD 'Welcome to Portishead': Empress Ballroom, Blackpool, Lancashire UK + Paris 1995-04-12 05/25/95 48 CD FM BBC Upgrade: Empress Ballroom, Blackpool, Lancashire UK B+ 11/05/97 75 CD AUD '2 Days in Paris': Elysee-Montmartre, Paris B+ 11/06/97 69 CD AUD '2 Days in Paris': Elysee-Montmartre, Paris 11/09/97 97 CD Le Hanger, Saint Quentin France A 03/01/98 13 CD FM "Later With Jools Holland" (x3) B 06/26/98 42 CD FM Glastonbury Festival (some static) A- 08/09/98 72 CD 'Sudoeste Festival 1998': Sudoeste Festival, Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal A 08/15/98 63 CD AUD Route Du Rock, Saint Malo France A 08/24/98 49 CD FM Lowlands Festival A 08/30/98 12 CD FM Pukkelpop Hasselt (x2) A xx/xx/98 61 CD 'Desolation Row': BBC/Glastonbury/Le Zenith, Paris A+ 02/21/03 55 CD FM Beth Gibbons - Universitat der Kunste, Berlin A 12/08/07 80 CD AUD All Tomorrow's Parties, Minehead UK
THE POWER STATION A- 07/19/85 97 CD FM Southern Star Ampitheatre, Houston TX (w/interview) B+ 07/28/85 77 CD FM Greek Theatre, Los Angeles CA 12/05/96 79? CD AUD Century Hall, Nagoya Japan
THE PRETENDERS A 05/30/83 65 CD PFM US Festival A- 07/12/85 46 CD SBD Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia PA A 03/24/87 86 CD FM Westwood One: WNEW-FM NYC, UIC Pavillion, Chicago IL A- 03/24/87 72 CD PFM Westwood One: UIC Pavillion, Chicago IL [from WW1 vinyl] A 05/29/87 95 CD PFM Westwood One: Chicago IL [Pre-Pre-FM Master] A- 05/26/94 91 CD SBD Academy of Music, NYC 10/01/99 70 CD FM Westwood One, BBC1, Sheffield UK B+ 11/05/99 86 CD FM Symphony Space, WNEW-FM, NYC [AT-159]
PRIMUS 11/xx/90 51 CD 'Master of Puppies': Rome Italy C 11/07/91 5 CT "??", Rivera Nightclub, Chicago IL B 03/14/92 40? CT Albany NY A+ xx/xx/92 18 CD REC 'Miscellaneous Debris': EP of cover tunes A 02/22/00 58 CD FM Harro East Ballroom, Rochester NY [13 remaster] A- 08/30/00 130 CD SBD 9:30 Club, Washington DC A- 12/31/00 151 CD AUD Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade - The Fillmore, San Francisco CA 09/30/11 CD AUD NYC
PRINCE A 12/12/81 78 CD SBD 'Columbia '81': Carolina Coliseum, Columbia SC B 82/--/83 65 CD 'Eavesdropped In Intimate Moments': piano sessions B+ 02/xx/83 55 CD SBD '1999 Live': rehearsal B+ 08/03/83 87 CD SBD '8-3-83 Rehearsal': Rehearsal for First Ave Benefit Concert B 83/--/84 54 CD 'Purple Rain Outtakes and Demos' B- xx/xx/84 54 CD 'Purple Rain Outtakes and Demos' B xx/xx/84 52 CD SBD 'Let's Go Crazy': tour rehearsal A xx/xx/84 39 CD 'White Girls Soundcheck' B 07/07/84 161 CD AUD '26': birthday concert and rehearsal, First Avenue, Minneapolis MN A- 07/22/86 79 CD SBD 'Soul Psychodelicide': Parade Tour Rehearsal, Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen MN A- 08/25/86 233 CD SBD 'A Parade Around The World' (SAB) Paris '86 + other shows B 08/26/86 85 CD AUD Eissporthalle, Frankfurt Germany [gen1] B 09/09/86 110 CD 'Septembre': Yokohama Japan A xx/xx/88 476 CD 'City Lights Vol.7 - The Lovesexy World Tour 1988/1989': 6CD comp B 09/08/88 114 CD AUD Westfalenhalle, Dortmund Germany [BF master] B 09/15/88 81 CD AUD Met Center, Bloomington IN [24/96] A+ 11/27/90 52 CD SBD 'Diamonds And Pearls Beginnings': album configuration B xx/xx/92 108 CD SBD 'Live 4 Love': Paisley Park rehearsals A- xx/xx/92 66 CD SBD 'Symbolism' B 05/30/92 125 CD AUD Westfalenhalle, Dortmund Germany [BF master] B xx/xx/94 58 CD SBD 'Black': rehearsals A xx/xx/94 68 CD SBD 'Welcome 2 the Dawn' B+ 05/04/94 104 CD AUD 'Stars & Bars': Stars & Bars, Monte Carlo B+ 05/06/94 106 CD AUD 'Le Bataclan 94': Le Bataclan, Paris B+ 06/09/94 58 CD 'Hide the Bone': Glam Slam East, Miami FL A 06/07/95 72 CD SBD 'The Glam Slam Experience': birthday show, Miami FL B+ 04/21/98 154 CD AUD Electric Factory, Philadelphia PA [BB src] A- 02/14/04 122 CD AUD '1805 Geary Blvd': The Fillmore, San Francisco CA A- 03/29/04 152 CD SBD 'BIG SCREEN Concert Tour Premiere 2004': Staples Center, Los Angeles CA B+ 06/01/04 143 CD AUD San Jose Arena, San Jose CA [W66 src] B+ 06/02/04 135 CD AUD San Jose Arena, San Jose CA [W66 src] B+ 04/26/08 115 CD AUD 'Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival': Coachella, Indio CA (w/Morris Day, Sheila E) B+ 04/06/14 31 CD AUD Paisley Park, Chanhassen MN [perks src] A 03/14/15 78 CD SBD 'From The Soundboard 1st Night 1st Show': show 1, The Louisville Palace, Louisville KY A 03/15/15 126 CD SBD 'From The Soundboard 2nd Night 1st Show': show 1, The Louisville Palace, Louisville KY A- 04/09/15 130 CD SBD 'From The Soundboard': Fox Theater, Detroit MI B+ 02/28/16 105 CD AUD show 1, Paramount Theatre, Oakland CA B+ 02/28/16 105 CD AUD show 2, Paramount Theatre, Oakland CA B+ 04/14/16 78 CD AUD 'The Fox, The Moon And Heroes': show 1, Fox Theatre, Atlanta GA [LOSSY] B+ 04/14/16 91 CD AUD 'The Last Night': show 2, Fox Theatre, Atlanta GA [LOSSY]
QUEEN B- xx/xx/75 45? CT 'Stunning': Tokyo, Japan 12/24/75 CD 'Westwood One': Hammersmith Odeon C 04/04/76 50 CT 'Geisha Boys': Tokyo, Japan B- 03/13/77 40 CT 'Duck Soup': Seattle Arena, WI
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS 12/31/91 2CD 'Jam Like Hell (Platinum Edition)': Cow Palace, San Francisco CA
LOU REED B+ 06/14/80 75 CD Firenze Italy
R.E.M. A- 10/29/85 63 CD SBD Hammersmith Palais, London B+ xx/xx/86 80 CT 'Worlds Greatest R&R Band': Syrian Mosque, Pittsburgh A 05/21/01 112 CD TV MTV Unplugged, MTV Studios, NYC
REO SPEEDWAGON A 02/08/83 64 CD PFM Westwood One: Metro Center, Rockford IL (from vinyl, minus 2 trax) A 12/31/84 71 CD PFM Westwood One: Market Square Arena, Indianapolis IN (broadcast 1/16/85, from vinyl, minus 1 track) A 12/31/84 71 CD PFM Westwood One: Market Square Arena, Indianapolis IN (broadcast 8/3/85, from vinyl, minus 1 track) A 11/23/90 77 CD PFM Westwood One: Club Eastbrook, Grand Rapids MI (from vinyl, minus 2 trax) A- 01/25/04 77 CD AUD King Center, Melbourne FL
PAUL RODGERS A- 06/26/94 65 CD FM Night of the 100 Guitars, BBC Radio 1, Wembley Arena, London
ROLLING STONES A xx/xx/xx 27 CD 'Cocksucker Blues' xx/xx/xx 7CD 'Unsurpassed Masters Vols. 1-7' [JWB] A- 06/24/72 60 CD SBD 'Touring Party 1972 Volume 1': first show, Fort Worth TX A- 06/24/72 82 CD SBD 'Touring Party 1972 Volume 1': second show, Fort Worth TX A- 06/25/72 74 CD SBD 'Touring Party 1972 Volume 1': assorted A- 07/20/72 33 CD SBD 'Touring Party 1972 Volume 2': Spectrum Sports Arena, Philadelphia PA A- 07/21/72 99 CD SBD 'Touring Party 1972 Volume 2': both shows, Spectrum Sports Arena, Philadelphia PA A- 07/26/72 74 CD SBD 'Touring Party 1972 Volume 3': MSG, NYC A- 0x/xx/72 61 CD SBD 'Touring Party 1972 Volume 3': assorted A 72/xx/73 88 CD 'King Biscuit Flower Hour': Live Album [Nasty Music Bootleg] B+ xx/xx/73 62 CD 'Back To The Graveyard' [DAC-113] B xx/xx/75 272 CD 'The Missing Jewels Box Set' [SBEs, LOSSY] B+ xx/xx/78 64 CD 'In Woodstock - 1978 Tour Rehearsals': Woodstock NY B+ 78/xx/79 155 CD Emotional Rescue Sessions, RCA Studios, Los Angeles CA A- 06/16/90 135 CD SBD 'Blinded By Love': Madrid Spain B 09/18/97 73 CD AUD 'Sister Morphine' [MORPH01]: Double Door, Chicago IL A- 02/26/14 131 CD AUD Tokyo Japan A- 03/04/14 126 CD AUD Tokyo Japan A- 03/06/14 136 CD AUD Tokyo Japan B+ 06/12/15 127 CD MTX Citrus Bowl, Orlando FL [Schoeps MK41 + SP-CMC-8, Datfly MTX]
THE ROMANTICS A 07/20/84 70 CD PFM Westwood One, Paramount Theater, Seattle WA
THE RUNAWAYS B- 06/16/76 34 CD AUD The Corral, Topanga Canyon CA B- 03/07/78 50 CD AUD B'Ginnings, Chicago IL B 12/28/78 48 CD AUD The Whiskey A-Go-Go, Los Angeles CA B+ xx/xx/7x 54 CD REC 'Forever Lost' (Remastered Edition) B+ 12/xx/78 22 CD FM interview, KROQ-FM, Pasadena CA (w.David Lee Roth)
RUSH A- xx/xx/73 6 CD REC "Not Fade Away/You Can't Fight It" A 08/26/74 60 CD PFM 'The Fifth Order Of Angels': Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH A- 12/05/74 54 CD FM 'Electric Rush': Electric Lady Studios, NYC [hissy] A 12/16/74 52 CD PFM 'Finding Prime': Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH 05/15/75 CD 'Bad Boys In Cleveland': Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH B- 05/30/76 72 CD FM 'Tuning Man': Nelson Center, Springfield IL C 08/12/76 40 CT Cleveland OH B+ 10/25/76 79 CD 'Bytors Battle 2.01': Paramount Theater, Seattle WA 09/28/77 CD 'Rons Vault Release 5': Selland Arena, Fresno CA C xx/xx/77 45 CT Montreal, Canada B+ 01/12/78 46 CD AUD Civic Center, Providence RI [D.Lampinski source] A- 11/20/78 139 CD AUD 'A Desert Passage - Platinum Edition': Tucson Convention Center Arena, Tucson AZ A 12/02/78 120 CD 'Buenas Nochas Motor City': Cobo Hall Arena, Detroit MI B+ 12/16/78 112 CD AUD Amphitheater, Chicago IL [Analog RB source] B+ 05/24/79 88 CD AUD 'A Passage to Oslo PE': Chateau Neuf, Oslo Norway A- 05/28/79 118 CD 'Buenos Nochas Mein Frankfurt': Stadhalle, Offenbach Germany A 06/04/79 56 CD FM 'A Right To Passage': Pinkpop Festival, Geleen Holland A- 01/26/80 34 CD 'National Sound' [SMP-092]: Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie NY A- 02/14/80 73 CD AUD 'La Ville Strangiato': St.Louis MO 03/01/81 CD 'Chicago The Definitive Edition': International Amphitheater, Chicago IL A- 06/16/81 120 CD AUD 'The Definitive Edition': Convention Center, Anaheim CA 05/21/83 CD 'Countdown To London': Wembley Arena, London 06/25/84 CD 'Experience To Extremes Remastered': Mecca Arena, Milwaukee WI B 07/12/84 91 CD AUD Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo NY A- 09/27/84 79 CD 'Cool Under Fire': Capital Centre, Largo MD A+ xx/xx/85 60 VD REC 'Exit Stage Left': live w/voice overs (HiFi) A+ xx/xx/85 44 VD REC 'In the Camera Eye': promo clips/interviews (HiFi) B+ xx/xx/86 105 CT 'Looking Through a Window...': Quebec, Canada B 12/08/85 90 CT Hartford CT A 04/16/86 92 CD SBD 'Philadelphia Project': Corestates Spectrum, Philadelphia PA A+ xx/xx/89 90 VD REC 'A Show of Hands': live (HiFi) 11/07/91 CD 'Row The Boats': The Arena, St.Louis MO A+ 12/07/91 122 CD 'Garden Road': MSG, NYC A+ 01/30/92 126 CD SBD 'Mirrors': Oakland Coliseum, Oakland CA B 03/02/92 122 CD AUD 'A Full House': Orlando Arena, Orlando FL 04/17/92 54 CD 'Run Faster': Wembly Arena, London A- 06/14/92 131 CD SBD 'Because It Happens': Blockbuster Pavilion, Charlotte NC A 01/18/94 121 CD SBD 'First Part Of Counters': rehearsals, Civic Center, Pensacola FL 04/29/94 122 CD 'A Night At The Spectrum': Corestates Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 10/18/96 CD 'Echoes On The Stages': Knickerbocker Arena, Albany NY 12/05/96 166 CD SBD 'Bigger And Better In Texas, Titanium Edition': The Summit, Houston TX A 10/11/02 176 CD MTX Coral Sky Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach FL (w/soundcheck) [IEM+Aud] A- 09/12/03 59 CD Caress of Steel (tribute band) - BB Kings Blues Club, Universal City CA A- 05/26/04 3CD '30 Years Strong': Starwood Amphitheater, Antioch TN 06/16/07 163 CD AUD Ford Amphitheater, Tampa, FL [bluntforcetrauma source] 06/16/07 162 CD AUD 'Rush'n Rotisserie': Ford Amphitheater, Tampa, FL A 04/15/08 166 CD AUD 'Adrenaline Splurge': Amway Arena, Orlando FL A- 03/30/11 171 CD AUD 'The Universe Has A Plan': BankAtlantic Center, Sunrise FL B 04/02/11 166 CD AUD Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro NC B+ 04/12/11 169 CD AUD 'You Canít Squeeze Sausage From An Accordion': United Center, Chicago IL
SANTANA 10/21/69 CD Ludlow Garage, Cincinnati OH A- 05/22/70 55 CD SBD Waikiki Shell, Honolulu HI A 06/13/70 46 CD Capital Theater, Port Chester NY [first show SDB] B+ 10/10/70 61 CD RI Auditorium, RI: first and second shows B+ 10/14/70 59 CD Capitol Theater, Port Chester NY B- 10/18/70 44 CD Village Recorder studio jams (w/Eric Clapton?), San Francisco CA (?date?) 11/18/70 CD AUD MVR Jam Sessions, San Francisco CA (w/Eric Clapton, John Cippolina) A- 03/22/71 119 CD LA Forum + 11/05/71 San Diego CA B+ 04/20/71 80 CD Circus Krone, Munich Germany [hissy] 04/25/71 57 CD FM? Olympia, Paris [remaster of LDB source] B+ 04/25/71 57 CD FM? Olympia, Paris [phase corrected LDB source] A- 05/xx/71 71 CD Casino, Montreux Switzerland B+ 05/08/71 139 CD Hammersmith Odeon, London: first and second shows [hissy] B+ xx/xx/xx 123 CD outtakes and rehearsals from 'Santana 3' B 09/28/71 76 CD AUD 'Journey Into The Universe': Denver Coliseum, CO (no Santana present!) B+ xx/xx/72 129 CD Caravanserai Studio outtakes (not really!), California 10/15/72 100 CD AUD Hec Edmondson Pavilion, University of Washington, Seattle WA B+ 10/15/72 98 CD AUD University of Washington, Seattle WA [D&D Archives 6] B+ 10/28/72 89 CD SBD 'Cherry Hill 1972': Cherry Hill Arena, Cherry Hill NJ B+ 10/29/72 92 CD AUD Music Hall, Boston MA [Joe Maloney source] B+ 11/12/72 61 CD AUD Stadthalle, Freiburg Germany B+ 11/17/72 80 CD Göteborg Sweden B+ 12/01/72 99 CD SBD De Doelen, Rotterdam Holland B+ 12/03/72 90 CD AUD Concertgebouw, Amsterdam B+ 12/04/72 106 CD SBD L'Olympia, Paris A- 12/05/72 80 CD Philipshalle, Dusseldorf Germany 02/02/73 CD SBD Salt Lake City UT B+ 03/03/73 76 CD SBD Memorial Coliseum, Columbus GA B+ 03/07/73 93 CD Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte NC [hissy,NR] B+ 03/08/73 106 CD SBD Carolina University Coliseum, Columbia SC [hissy] A- 06/21/73 116 CD Sports Arena, Anchorage AK B- 07/06/73 154 CD 'Eros': Budokan, Tokyo Japan B+ 08/16/73 112 CD SBD Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia MD [some distortion] A 08/17/73 152 CD Dillon Stadium, Hartford CT 08/18/73 CD 'Peach 2 Tree': Jaycee fairgrounds, Fayetteville NC B+ 07/22/74 85 CD Kinsman Field House, Edmonton Alberta Canada [SBD] A- 09/18/74 89 CD International Ice Palace, Las Vegas NV A- 09/23/74 85 CD SBD University Arena, Albuquerque NM B 12/08/74 144 CD AUD Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo Japan A- 12/31/75 82 CD FM Cow Palace, San Francisco CA A- 05/07/76 60 CD FM KSAN FM, The Beacon Theater, NYC [remastered] A 05/07/76 55 CD FM Japanese FM, The Beacon Theater, NYC [missing 1 track] B- 10/03/76 64 CD FM KBFH, Rocktober Show, Los Angeles CA A- 12/12/76 61 CD FM Westfalenhalle, Dortmund Germany A- 10/16/78 101 CD AUD WNEW FM, The Bottom Line, NYC [FIXED] 11/17/78 CD FM Groenoordhal, Leiden Holland A- 09/02/79 115 CD SBD Uptown Theater, Kansas City KS 08/03/80 CD Pinecrest Country Club, Shelton CT A- 02/21/81 66 CD FM Santa Cruz Civic Arena, Santa Cruz CA 02/25/81 CD FM Old Waldorf, San Francisco CA [FM+AUD] A- 07/04/81 108 CD FM Cape Cod Coliseum, Hyannis MA A 07/26/81 62 CD SBD 'Swing of Delight': Denen Coliseum, Tokyo Japan A xx/xx/82 62 CD 'Hold On': live collection 1974-1982 07/15/83 CD Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo Japan [SBD PRE-FM] A- 06/23/85 63 CD Golden Gate Park, San Francisco CA (w.John Lee Hooker) A- 06/01/86 93 CD AUD 'Night of the Guitars': Karuizawa, Nagano Japan (w/Jeff Beck, Steve Lukather) A 08/17/86 71 CD Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View CA 04/06/87 CD PFM Palast der Rupublik, East Berlin A 04/19/88 73 CD FM '20th Anniversary Reunion Concert': Sunrise Theater, FL (but not really...) 09/10/89 CD Paul Masson Winery, Saratoga CA A- 11/26/89 102 CD Earthquake Relief Concert, Watsonville CA A- 08/26/90 135 CD FM WXRT FM, The World Theater, Tinley Park IL [Wolfsorrow source] A+ 06/03/90 57 CD FM Apollo Theatre, Manchester UK 08/04/90 CD FM Electric Ladyland Studios, NYC A 06/28/91 69 CD SBD Mile High Stadium, Denver CO A 04/25/92 168 CD Ahoy, Rotterdam Holland A 06/23/92 103 CD Tempodrom, Berlin Germany 02/04/95 CD SBD Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu HI A- 04/24/99 121 CD SBD Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans LA A 01/29/00 111 CD FM Studio 104 Radio France, Paris [Lyon Tapes 72] A 06/09/00 41 CD FM Rock Im Park, Nuernberg Germany (inc.) B+ 07/11/12 129 CD AUD Toledo Zoo, Toledo OH A- 04/15/16 104 CD AUD Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville CT [Ringfedder src] A 04/27/17 128 CD SBD 'Budokan 2017 Definitive Edition': Budokan Tokyo + soundcheck 34m
JOE SATRIANI - see separate list
SCORPIONS 09/14/70 CD Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna Austria [?date?] A+ xx/xx/73 40 CD REC 'The Lonesome Crow': first LP 03/17/75 CD Town Hall, Birmingham UK B- 04/26/75 46 CD 'Essen 1975': Koln Germany [digiclicks!] B 04/26/75 50 CD Koln, Germany B+ 04/26/75 50 CT Koln, Germany B- xx/xx/75 80? CT AUD Watrelos, Belgium (or Japan??) B 05/xx/76 48 CD AUD 'Maximum Uli Years': Baden Germany B+ 06/26/76 40 CT Winterberg, Germany B 12/04/76 49 CD AUD Festhalle, Zwierbrocken Germany B 12/04/76 25 CT Zweibrucken, Germany B 01/13/77 85 CD AUD Gustav-Siegle-Haus, Stuttgart Germany B 04/01/77 71 CD AUD 'Maximum Uli Years': Paradiso, Amsterdam B- 04/15/77 68 CD AUD 'Maximum Uli Years': Tivoli, Utrecht Holland B+ 04/30/77 79 CD AUD Bolton Institute, UK B+ 04/23/78 117 CD AUD Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo Japan 04/24/78 CD Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo B+ 04/25/78 112 CD AUD Nagoya-Shi Kokaido, Nagoya Japan B- 75/xx/78 17 CD AUD 'Maximum Uli Years': Cologne 4/26/75, Tokyo 04/27/78 B- 02/17/79 42 CD AUD Paradiso, Amsterdam 02/28/79 87 CD AUD Neue Welt, Berlin Germany B- 03/07/79 93 CD AUD Köln Germany B 03/28/79 90 CD AUD Hippodrome de Pantin, Paris C 05/20/79 82 CD AUD Hammersmith Odeon, London B 05/17/79 77 CD AUD Apollo Theatre, Glasgow UK B 06/03/79 91 CD AUD Shi Kokaido, Nagoya Japan B 06/04/79 91 CD AUD Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan B 06/05/79 97 CD AUD Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo Japan (?date?) B+ 06/05/79 54 CD FM Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo Japan (?date 8/28/79?) B 08/06/79 78 CD AUD Aragon, Chicago IL B 08/07/79 65 CT FM Beginnings Club, Schumberg IL [?date?] B+ 08/07/79 68 CD FM B'Ginnings, Schaumberg IL B- 08/09/79 77 CD AUD B'Ginnings Club, Schaumburg IL [RickB source] B+ 08/10/79 77 CD FM 'First Sting': Chicago IL B 08/25/79 42 CD FM Reading Festival B+ 08/25/79 40 CD FM Richfield Avenue, Reading UK B- 09/14/79 84 CD AUD Stadthalle, Vienna Austria B+ 09/16/79 54 CD AUD 'Into The Rock': Sun Plaza, Tokyo 09/16/79 CD PFM Tokyo, Japan A- xx/xx/79 57 CD PFM Mercury Records Official Promo Reels, Tokyo Japan B- 10/03/79 58 CD FM Uli John Roth - Klingelpuetz Prison, Cologne, Germany (2nd show) B+ 11/03/79 40 CD AUD Convention Center, Dallas TX A- 11/18/79 66 CD 'Driven By Love': Fairgrounds Coliseum, Chicago IL B+ 11/18/79 65 CD AUD Fairgrounds Coliseum, Chicago IL B 02/29/80 25 CT San Diego CA 04/22/80 CD Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium B+ 07/10/80 57 CD Mayfair, Newcastle UK B 09/10/80 80 CD AUD Göta Lejon, Stockholm Sweden B+ 10/07/80 57 CD The Mayfair Newcastle UK (hissy)[LOSSY!] B 10/28/80 85 CD AUD Hammersmith Odeon, London UK 12/21/80 CD 'File Under: Scorpions': 12/21/80 Sun Plaza, Tokyo + 05/29/83 US Festival, San Bernardino CA (?date?) 04/23/82 CD Hammersmith Odeon, London UK 04/24/82 CD Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 04/24/82 CD 'Can't Get Enough Without You' 04/28/82 CD AUD The Coliseum, St Austell UK 05/06/82 CD Stadthalle Offenbach, Offenbach am Main, Germany 07/31/82 CD Prairie Capital Convention Center, Springfield IL 08/20/82 CD AUD Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque NM [ScottH MASTER] B 10/04/82 92 CD AUD Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Kaikan, Tokyo Japan (distant vocals) B 12/08/83 87 CD AUD Olympen, Lund Sweden 02/02/84 79 CD AUD Hammersmith Odeon, London UK B 02/10/84 56 CD FM Vorst Nationaal, Brussels Belgium 04/20/84 47 CD 'Rock You Like A Hurricane': Reno NV B+ 11/02/84 101 CD 'Dynamite in Hannover': Eilenriede Halle, Hannover Germany 11/02/84 CD Friesland, Niedersachsen Germany A- xx/xx/xx 39 MP 'Love at First Sting Demos' B- 06/04/88 70 CT AUD Monsters of Rock, Miami FL B- 06/05/88 72 CD AUD Monsters of Rock, Tampa Stadium, Tampa FL A 01/13/91 60 CD PFM BBC Radio One, Wembley Arena, London UK A- 01/14/91 74 CD 'The Zoo': Ahoy Stadium, Rotterdam Holland 10/21/06 CD AUD tribute/In Trance - St-Georges, Quebec Canada [killerwolf13 master] A+ xx/xx/79 40 CD REC Uli Jon Roth/Electric Sun - 'Earthquake' B 10/03/79 58 CD FM Uli Jon Roth/Electric Sun - Klingelpuetz Prison, Cologne Germany A+ xx/xx/81 44 CD REC Uli Jon Roth/Electric Sun - 'Fire Wind' A+ xx/xx/00 50 CD REC Uli Jon Roth - 'Transcendental Sky Guitar - Volume I' A+ xx/xx/00 71 CD REC Uli Jon Roth - 'Transcendental Sky Guitar - Volume II' A+ xx/xx/06 31 CD REC Uli Jon Roth - 'Sky of Avalon - Prologue to the Symphonic Legends' A- 06/22/13 67 CD AUD Michael Schenker - Lovedrive Reunion, HSBC Music Hall, Sao Paulo Brazil A- 06/22/13 67 CD AUD Uli Jon Roth - Lovedrive Reunion, HSBC Music Hall, Sao Paulo Brazil A+ xx/xx/15 106 CD REC Uli Jon Roth - 'Scorpions Revisited' A- 02/19/15 139 CD AUD Uli Jon Roth - 'Nagoya and Tokyo Tapes 2015': Bottom Line, Nagoya Japan A- 02/20/15 151 CD AUD Uli Jon Roth - 'Nagoya and Tokyo Tapes 2015': Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo Japan A- 02/22/15 166 CD AUD Uli Jon Roth - 'Scorpions Revisited: Osaka & Tokyo Sky Academy Tapes 2015': Club Quattro, Osaka Japan A- 02/29/16 80 CD AUD Uli Jon Roth - The Basement East, Nashville TN B+ 03/13/16 119 CD AUD Uli Jon Roth - The Saddle Rack, Fremont CA [vortexzephyr src] B 03/14/16 142 CD AUD Uli Jon Roth - Vinnie's Bar and Grill, Concord CA [vortexzephyr src]
SEAL B 12/08/94 82 CD AUD Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles CA A* 12/19/94 21 CD FM KROQ Accoustic X-Mas, CA (*warbles!) B+ 05/30/95 73 CD AUD 'Violet Kisses': Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto Canada A- xx/xx/99 46 CD FM Sony Studios, NYC A- 11/18/03 116 CD IEM The Wiltern LG, Los Angeles CA
BOB SEGAR A 08/11/86 104 CD SBD Saratoga Springs NY [gen2] B 02/05/15 113 CD AUD Amalie Center, Tampa FL B 02/07/15 110 CD AUD BB&T Center, Sunrise FL
SEX PISTOLS 09/14/02 63 CD Blockbuster Pavilion, Devore CA (cover of "Silver Machine")
CHARLIE SHEEN B 04/28/11 79 CD AUD Wells Fargo Theatre, Denver CO
SIMON & GARFUNKLE A 08/23/68 70 CD SBD Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles CA
SLY & The FAMILY STONE A+ xx/xx/07 59 CD REC 'Family Affair' radio show
SMASHING PUMPKINS A 09/01/91 28 CD FM Ein Abend in Wien Festival, Rotterdam Holland xx/xx/92 CD 'Quiet and Other Songs' (T+T) A 92/xx/93 73 CD 'Mayonaise Dream' FM and live comp A- 06/29/93 69 CD 'Spaceboy': Studio 10S, Paris France + 9/15/93 Manchester UK A 06/30/93 24 CD FM VPRO FM Radio Studios, Villa #65, Hilversum Holland A 06/30/93 26 CD PFM VPRO, Villa 65 [speed corrected](x7: missing "Dancing..") 07/04/93 CD Raymond Revue Bar, London A- 08/14/93 112 CD Cabaret Metro, Chicago IL 12/11/93 CD 'The Greatest Day': Los Angeles CA + 1993-07-26 Chicago IL A- 12/12/93 29 CD FM KROQ Acoustic Christmas, Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles CA B+ 02/25/94 77 CD AUD Astoria Theatre, London B+ 09/04/94 82 CD AUD Lollapalooza, Velodrome Field, Carson CA A- 08/25/95 73 CD 'Exit Under Burning Skies': Reading Festival UK A- 10/23/95 106 CD FM 'Starlight': Riviera Theater, Chicago IL A+ 03/13/96 33 CD FM Triple J Studios, Sydney Australia 04/07/96 CD Phillipshalle, Dusseldorf Germany A 04/19/96 80 CD Messe-Congresscentrum B, Stuttgart Germany [FM] B+ 05/11/96 74 CD AUD The Point, Dublin Ireland (tragedy strikes) 05/15/96 CD FM Brixton Academy, London A 01/08/97 131 CD AUD GM Place, Vancouver Canada A 01/08/97 133 CD SBD '1997': GM Place, Vancouver Canada [reworked by VinceD] A 06/27/97 33 CD FM Glastonbury Festival (x7) B+ 11/03/97 32 CD FM Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL (x5) xx/xx/9x CD FM 'Acoustic Daze' A+ xx/xx/xx 93 CD REC 'Machina II' plus demo EPs of same material xx/xx/xx ? CD 'Mashed Potatoes': 5CD set A 09/21/00 122 CD SBD Ballsporthalle, Frankfurt Germany [SBD, 13 remaster]
SOUNDGARDEN B+ 01/21/90 42 CD FM 'This is Boston Not Seattle':Paradise Ballroom, Boston A+ xx/xx/91 25 CD REC 'SOMMS':covers of other band's songs B+ 10/06/91 67 CD AUD Rip Magazine 5th Anniv Party, The Palladium, Hollywood CA (x9) + Temple Of The Dog (x2) A- 10/06/91 40 CD PFM 'pFM': Westwood One, The Palladium, Hollywood CA (x7) A- 04/25/92 16 CD PFM 'pFM': Westwood One, The Palladium, Hollywood CA (x3) B- 02/14/92 50 CT AUD Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL 07/22/92 CD Kitsap County Fairgrounds, Bremerton WA A- xx/xx/92 48 CD AUD Lollapalooza 92: Chicago IL B xx/xx/92 70 CT Germany A+ xx/xx/93 32 CD REC 'Hater':offshoot band by B.Sheperd & M.Cameron A xx/xx/xx 13 CD REC "Gun + Get On The Snake (Live 90)/A Splice of Space Jam" A+ xx/xx/94 8 CD REC "Like Suicide (Acoustic)/Kickstand (Live)" A+ xx/xx/94 6 CD REC "Cold Bitch/Exit Stonehenge" A+ xx/xx/95 3 CD REC "Jerry Garcias Finger" B 11/27/96 99 CD AUD Austin City Music Hall, Austin TX 07/27/03 62 CD Audioslave - Lollapalooza, Camden NJ (Philadelphia) 06/09/06 CD FM Chris Cornell - O-Baren, Stockholm Sweden 04/16/10 CD AUD reunion, The Showbox at the Market, Seattle WA B 09/27/10 52 CD AUD Paramount Studios backlot, Hollywood CA
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN A 03/02/73 45 CD SBD 'On The Road Night': Berkeley CA A 05/31/73 34 CD SBD 'On The Road Night': Richmond VA A- 03/03/74 93 CD FM late show, Gaston Hall, Washington DC [Goody pitch-corrected] B+ 12/07/74 150 CD AUD Geneva Theatre, Geneva NY [ML 1st Gen via JEMS] A- 10/04/75 135 CD AUD Michigan Palace, Detroit MI [ER Archives Vol 13/JEMS] B+ 12/21/75 111 CD AUD Seneca College, Toronto Canada [DS Archives Volume 11] A- 09/29/76 109 CD AUD Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CA [DS Archives Vol 12] B+ 09/30/76 118 CD AUD Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CA [DS Archives Vol 13] A- 06/16/78 135 CD SBD 'Driving Those Dusty Roads': Memorial Hall, Kansas City KS B+ 08/05/78 149 CD AUD Louisville Gardens, Louisville KY [Vittorio src] B+ 09/17/78 171 CD AUD 'The Lost Soundboard Tape': Palladium, NYC A 12/15/78 65 CT Winterland, San Francisco CA A+ 75/--/85 ??? 5L REC 'Live 1975-1985 box set': live A 08/28/88 145 CT 'Tunnel of Lust': A+ xx/xx/88 22 CD REC 'Chimes of Freedom': live (x4) B+ 04/23/08 153 CD AUD Amway Arena, Orlando FL B+ 09/12/09 179 CD AUD Ford Amphitheatre, Tampa FL
BILLY SQUIER B 05/29/81 38 CD AUD 'A Habit That's Hard to Break': Hammersmith Odeon, London A- 08/29/81 26 CD FM Reading Festival, BBC Radio One A- xx/xx/81 50 CD FM Boston MA A- xx/xx/81 58 CD FM 'Supergroups In Concert '82': San Francisco CA (from vinyl) xx/xx/81 CD Civic Center, Santa Monica CA A xx/xx/82 16 EP REC 'Live!': (x3) xx/xx/83 CD PFM 'KBFH #98-10': Worcester MA 03/28/83 CD FM Cobo Hall, Detroit MI A- 10/04/84 71 CD FM 'Superstars In Concert': Salt Lake City UT A+ xx/xx/xx 10 CD REC 'Hear, Then and Now': (+2 live cuts) A 08/17/85 70 3L 'Westwood One': Salt Lake City UT B+ 11/24/89 73 CD FM Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh PA 11/17/98 CD AUD accoustic solo, Borders Books, Dallas TX B+ 06/21/01 65 CD AUD HiFi Buys Amphitheater, Atlanta GA A- xx/xx/02 46 CD REC 'Extended Versions - The Encore Collection' B+ 09/26/09 126 CD AUD Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles CA
STEELY DAN B- xx/xx/73 55 CT 'Rotoscope Down': outtakes B- xx/xx/73 40 CT 'Bent Over Backwards': 'Katy Lied' outtakes/live A- 03/09/74 38 CD SBD The Sopwith Camel, Glendale CA A- 03/20/74 58 CD PFM KMET, Record Plant, Los Angeles CA A 03/20/74 58 CD PFM KMET, Record Plant, Los Angeles CA [TheTooleMan 35th Anniversary Ed] B+ 04/30/74 75 CD SBD Ellis Auditorium, Memphis TN [TheTooleMan src] A- 05/20/74 84 CD SBD Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London A+ 09/02/94 142 CD SBD 'Dallas 1994 First Night': Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas TX A 09/17/94 146 CD 'Live In Irvine Meadows': Irvine CA 08/17/96 CD Gorge Amphitheater, George WA A 06/25/00 130 CD SBD 'The Second Theater We've Blown up this Year': Pine Knob Amphitheater, Detroit MI A 07/22/09 131 CD SBD Wang Theatre, Boston MA
JIM STEINMAN B 04/xx/69 159 CD 'The Dream Engine': Jim's Amherst College senior thesis (some clicks) A 07/xx/01 74 CD 'Dance of the Vampires' Broadway demos
AL STEWART A 10/08/84 125 CD SBD early and late shows, Late Night Cafe, Davis CA
ROD STEWART A 05/13/71 38 CD PFM The Faces - John Peel Sunday Concert, Paris Cinema, London B+ 11/27/74 46 CD The Faces - 'Real Good Time': Cobo Hall, Detroit MI A 12/24/76 93 CD PFM BBC Rock Hour, Olympia Theatre, London A 05/26/91 89 CD FM Albgaustadion, Ettlingen Germany A 11/26/93 122 CD FM Alamo Dome, San Antonio TX
STONE TEMPLE PILOTS A xx/xx/94 24 VD 'MTV Unplugged' A 08/29/93 39 CD PFM Westwood One 'In Concert': Lowlands Festival, Dronten Holland A- 11/25/96 92 CD SBD MSG, NYC (w/Steve Tyler & Joe Perry) A 08/12/99 70 CD PFM Westwood One 'In The Zone': Las Vegas NV + Worcester MA 8/22/94 (x2) A 06/30/00 102 CD PFM Nautica Stage, Buzzardfest, Cleveland OH
STRAY CATS A 11/28/82 70 CD FM The Source, NBC 83-10: The Ritz, NYC
BARBRA STREISAND A 03/xx/62 31 CD RCA Demos acetate, Los Angeles CA A- 10/08/12 156 CD AUD Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia PA
STYX A 04/02/76 50 CD SBD Winterland Arena, San Francisco CA B+ 11/29/76 60 CD AUD Ford Auditorium, Detroit MI B+ xx/xx/77 62 CD FM Mantra Recording Studios, Chicago IL A xx/xx/77 50 CD PFM 'The Grand Illusion Tour 1977': Chicago IL(?) 11/04/77 CD AUD Orpheum Theatre, Boston MA [D.Lampinski source] B 11/30/78 60 CD Capital Centre, Landover MD 12/18/78 CD AUD Chicago Stadium, Chicago IL [RickB source] B 03/30/79 43 CD Convention Center, Anaheim CA B 11/29/81 58 CD SBD Festhalle, Frankfurt Germany A- 01/13/82 74 CD 'The Live Illusion': Budokan, Tokyo xx/xx/83 72 CD FM? 'Sunset in Paradise': Omni Theater, Atlanta GA 08/16/83 135 CD AUD Los Angeles CA A- xx/xx/97 56 CD REC 'Extended Versions - The Encore Collection' B+ 06/21/01 93 CD AUD HiFi Buys Amphitheater, Atlanta GA B+ 10/17/10 113 CD AUD Palace Theatre, Columbus OH [genesisoh source] B+ 07/10/14 107 CD AUD Dennis DeYoung - Bergen Performing Arts Center, Engelwood NJ
SUPREME BEINGS OF LEISURE A+ xx/xx/01 4 CD REC "Never The Same": 'Sounds Eclectic'
JAMES TAYLOR A 07/05/72 83 CD SBD 'Baby James By The Bay': Oakland Coliseum, Oakland CA (+6 trax FM) B+ 04/27/09 132 CD AUD Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater FL
TEARS FOR FEARS A- 02/18/90 103 CD SBD Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford NJ
TEN YEARS AFTER B 03/22/69 83 CD FM Eagles Auditorium, Seattle WA
THEM CROOKED VULTURES B 10/11/09 83 CD AUD Boston MA [EQ'd version] B+ 12/07/09 94 CD AUD Columbiahalle, Berlin [mbho source] A- 12/07/09 93 CD AUD Columbiahalle, Berlin [wb source]
THERION A- 11/08/04 112 CD AUD Petõfi Csarnok, Budapest Hungary B+ 06/16/07 125 CD AUD classical show, Ice Hall, Miskolc Hungary [GOGMR080-2007]
HUNTER S. THOMPSON B- 02/24/84 58 CD AUD UCLA, CA xx/xx/88 180 CD 'Hunter S. Thompson's Private Stash' B 02/04/91 91 CD AUD Washington & Lee University, Lexington VA
GEORGE THOROGOOD A 04/08/78 55 CD FM 'One Man Quartet': WMMR-FM, Bijou Cafe, Philadelphia PA A 07/15/88 113 CD FM WBCN-FM, Great Woods, Mansfield MA [S.Hopkins source, TomP remaster]
TIMBUK 3 A- 04/24/87 60 CD FM Cabaret Metro, Chicago IL A- 07/04/88 52 CD FM Petrillo Music Shell, Chicago IL
THE TIME B+ 02/24/82 37 CD SBD Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis TN
PETER TOSH A- 03/14/79 73 CD FM WHFS FM, The Bayou, Washington DC A- 09/29/81 72 CD SBD New York NY A- 11/09/82 61 CD SBD Chicago IL [?date?]
TRAFFIC A 11/18/70 65 CD SBD Fillmore East, NYC A+ xx/xx/xx 59 CD REC 'The Last Great Radio Jam' radio show
ROBIN TROWER A- 11/28/74 56 CD FM 'Neptune Rising': 5th Floor Studios, Cinncinatti OH B+ 10/16/77 82 CD AUD Music Hall, Boston MA [D.Lampinski source]
U2 - see separate list
URIAH HEEP B 01/28/72 53 CD AUD Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino CA B- 03/05/72 79 CD AUD 'Byron's Lost Poem': Munster, Landhalle Germany [slow speed, hissy] B- 06/03/72 113 CD AUD Mehrzweckhalle, Zofingen Switzerland [2nd source] B- 03/16/73 97 CD 'Stage': Budokan, Tokyo B 03/19/73 94 CD AUD 'Nagoya 1973 2nd Night': Nagoya Japan B 08/19/73 105 CD AUD Expo, Portland OR [J.Maloney source] B xx/xx/73 21 CD FM ABC-TV In Concert, NYC B 12/02/75 75 CD AUD Guildhall, Preston UK B+ 05/06/76 95 CD AUD Orpheum Theatre, Boston MA [D.Lampinski source] B+ 06/07/76 41 CD Pink Pop Festival 1976, Galeen Holland B+ 05/26/77 74 CD FM Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh PA 07/02/05 62 CD AUD Bospop Festival, Weert Holland A 06/05/14 13 CD FM Sweden Rock Festival 2014, Norje Sweden (x2) B 02/28/15 95 CD AUD BB King's, New York, NY A+ xx/xx/xx 76 CD REC 'Demons and Wizards' bonus CD A+ xx/xx/xx 68 CD REC 'Magician's Birthday' bonus CD
STEVE VAI A+ xx/xx/84 14 CD REC 'Flex-able Leftovers': from re-release of 'Flexable' A+ xx/xx/03 CD REC 'The Elusive Light And Sound' A+ xx/xx/03 CD REC 'Mystery Tracks: Archives Vol. 3' A- 07/01/04 62 CD AUD G3, Palais des Congres, Paris
VAN HALEN A- 10/15/77 58 CD 'The Nightmare Before Halloween': Pasadena Convention Center, Padadena CA + rehearsals B+ 12/20/77 45 CT Pasadena CA B+ 05/xx/78 65 CT AUD Matador Theatre, Paris B- 01/16/83 90? CT Caracas, Venezuela A- xx/xx/86 25 CT Isle of Dreams US Festival A+ xx/xx/87 70 3L 'Westwood One': New Haven CT 01/17/91 72 CD AUD Albert Lee, Steve Morse, Eddie Van Halen/Biff Baby Allstars - Trancas Club, Malibu CA A- 09/27/07 130 CD AUD 'CharloTTomic Punks': Bobcats Arena, Charlotte NC
THE VAPORS A- 03/11/81 49 CD FM BBC, Civic Hall, Guildford UK
STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN A- xx/xx/69 34 CD REC Cole Ave, Dallas TX (x3) + 'Cast of Thousands' demo (x2) B- xx/xx/75 26 CT FM with The Cobras A xx/xx/78 59 CD 'Guitar Boogie': Austin TX A- 03/18/78 60 CT Steamboat, Austin TX A+ 04/01/80 40 CD REC 'In the Beginning': Austin TX B 05/xx/80 90 CT Cheatham (w/Charlie Sexton) B+ 08/31/80 70 CT Steamboat Springs, Houston TX B 10/03/81 90 CT Steamboat, Austin TX B+ xx/xx/81 50 CT Kings Head Inn, Norfolk VA B 03/07/82 140 CT A.J.'s Midtown, Austin TX B+ 03/03/83 24 CD SBD Austin Chronicle Music Awards, Club Foot, Austin TX (x4) 06/20/83 CD 'Forces of Nature II': Fitzgeralds Club, Houston TX A 07/xx/83 90 CT FM El Mocambo, Toronto, Canada A+ 07/xx/83 55 VD REC 'Live at El Mocambo': (HiFi) B+ 08/xx/83 60 CT Rosa's, Colorado Springs CO B+ 09/09/83 80 CD SBD Paradiso, Amsterdam [cleaned] B+ 12/13/83 40 CD SBD Austin City Limits, TX (x10: missing V.C.+P&J+T.F.) A- 12/27/83 55 CD SBD first set, Wax Museum, Washington DC (x10) [LOSSY src] B+ 03/23/84 29 CD SBD Voss Jazz Festival, Voss Norway [LOSSY src] A 08/17/84 82 CD PFM early show, Spectrum, Montreal 09/08/84 90? CT Detroit MI A- xx/xx/85 74 CD 'Unsurpassed Masters Vol.1': Soul To Soul sessions A- xx/xx/85 74 CD 'Unsurpassed Masters Vol.2': Soul To Soul sessions B+ xx/xx/85 59 CD 'Unsurpassed Masters Vol.3': Soul To Soul sessions B 06/07/85 45 CT Grand Park, Chicago IL A+ 07/15/85 45 CD 'Pride and Joy': Montreux Jazz, Switzerland A- 07/15/85 90 CT Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland B+ 07/27/85 71 CD Albert Collins+SRV+Jeff Healey - Alberts Hall, Toronto B 09/01/85 77 CD FM 'Texas Flood': Coliseum, Seattle WA (w/Bonnie Raitt) B- 01/31/86 30 CT Rockefeller's, Houston TX (w/J.L.Hooker+R.Cray) B+ 07/17/86 87 CD SBD Austin Opry House, Austin TX A xx/xx/86 45 CT Montreal, Canada A- xx/xx/86 30 CT Dallas TX (w/Jimmy Vaughan) B xx/xx/xx 10 CT with Stevie Wonder (x2) A- 03/25/87 73 CD AUD The Ocean Center, Daytona FL A- 05/24/87 90 CT Concord Pavilion, Concord CA A+ xx/xx/87 5 CD "Pride and Joy", Austin TX A- 05/20/88 45 CD Great Woods Amphitheater, Mansfield MA A 12/29/88 129 CD AUD The Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ A- 05/27/89 65 CT Champs de Brionne Winery, George WA A 07/30/89 57 CD SBD 'It's Still Called the Blues' (TSP-CD-166): Buddy Guy's Legends Club, Chicago IL B+ 11/07/89 83 CD AUD The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA A- 11/29/89 61 CD McNichols Arena, Denver CO (x9: inc.) 12/01/89 79 CD LA Sports Arena, Los Angeles CA (w/Jeff Beck) B+ 04/22/90 126 CD AUD Civic Auditorium, Omaha NE [CharleyC source] B+ 07/30/90 90 CT Minneapolis MN B+ 08/26/90 87 CT Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy WI (last SRV!)
RICK WAKEMAN A+ 06/15/76 101 CD PFM Hammersmith Odeon, London 10/01/87 CD SBD BBC Radio Orch, Royal Festival Hall, London
JOE WALSH, JAMES GANG B xx/xx/71 75 CT James Gang - Fillmore East NYC 07/24/81 CD 'KBFH': Reunion Arena, Dallas TX 02/25/01 CD James Gang - SB Allen Theatre, Cleveland OH B 08/22/07 86 CD AUD Hard Rock Live, Orlando FL
WEIRD AL YANKOVIC B+ 07/21/10 134 CD AUD Hard Rock Cafe, Orlando FL
WHITESNAKE B+ 07/02/15 99 CD AUD 'White & Purple': Casino Rama, Rama Ontario B 07/20/15 99 CD AUD The Palace Theatre, Greensburg PA [24/48](Hybrid196 src) A- 11/02/15 149 CD MTX 'Purple Impression': Tokyo Japan (w/soundcheck)
THE WHO C 09/29/69 95 CT Concertgebouw, Amsterdam; early "Tommy" show A- 10/22/69 51 CD SBD Fillmore East, NYC B+ 12/04/69 56 CD SBD Hippodrome, Bristol UK A- xx/xx/69 73 CD SBD 'The Best Of The 1969 Soundboard Tapes' A- 70/--/71 267 CD REC '1970-1971 The Real Alternate Who's Next' box set [VVR009] B 01/16/70 112 CD FM Theatre des Champs-Elysees, Paris France B- 06/10/70 55 CT Tanglewood NJ B+ 12/30/70 40 CD 'New Years Eve': LuLu Show (x2), P.T. demos (x4), Top of the Pops (x7): BBC B- 08/19/71 45 CT Chicago Auditorium, Chicago IL B+ 12/09/72 72 CD Orchestral Tommy, Rainbow Theatre, London A- 11/20/75 113 CD 'Live In Houston 1975': The Summit, Houston TX [JBeat remaster] A- 12/14/75 106 CD AUD Civic Center, Springfield MA [D.Lampinski] B 03/09/76 10 CD AUD Boston Garden, Boston MA [D.Lampinski] B+ 04/01/76 70 CD AUD Boston Garden, Boston MA [D.Lampinski] B 05/17/79 122 CD FM Pavillion, Paris B+ 11/03/12 132 CD AUD Amway Center, Orlando FL [DPA-4060][digiclicks]
AMY WINEHOUSE A 06/22/07 54 CD FM Glastonbury A 07/22/07 22 CD FM FIB, Benicassim Spain A 10/15/07 52 CD FM Tempodrom, Berlin A 07/12/08 51 CD FM Oxygen Festival, Punchestown Racecourse, Ireland
JOHNNY WINTER B+ 12/07/06 75 CD SBD State Theater, St.Petersburg FL
STEVE WINWOOD A 08/21/88 77 CD PFM WW1 Superstars in Concert 90-03: Great Woods PAC, Mansfield MA
WOLFMOTHER A+ xx/xx/xx 23 CD Session (Acetate) (x5) A+ 11/03/05 45 CD FM JJJ Live at the Wireless, Studio 22, Sydney Australia A 11/03/05 45 CD FM The Wireless, Studio 22, Sydney Australia B+ 03/07/06 69 CD AUD Scala, London B 04/25/06 74 CD AUD Koko Club, Camden Town, London A+ 06/08/06 29 CD FM Crossover Studios, Atlanta GA (x5) A- 06/08/06 29 CD FM '99x Live FM': Atlanta GA (x5) A 06/15/06 28 CD PFM Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, CA (x5) 06/30/06 47 CD FM Open Air, St.Gallen Switzerland B 08/22/06 80 CD AUD Postbahnhof, Berlin B 08/23/06 69 CD AUD Markthalle, Hamburg Germany B+ 08/29/06 28 CD AUD Gelredome, Arnhem Holland [incomplete] B 08/30/06 45 CD AUD Sportpaleis, Antwerpen Belgium B 09/02/06 22 CD FM Radio 3 FM, Azkena Rock Festival, Vitoria Spain (x4) B+ 09/09/06 61 CD AUD McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn NY B 09/10/06 49 CD AUD Virgin Festival, Toronto Islands, Toronto 09/12/06 CD AUD BoA Pavillion, Boston MA [SOURCE PROBLEMS] B 09/16/06 84 CD AUD Jannus Landing, St.Petersburg FL [JJ source] 09/16/06 CD AUD Jannus Landing, St.Petersburg FL 09/18/06 CD AUD Center Stage, Atlanta GA 11/25/06 85 CD AUD The Riviera Theater, Chicago IL 11/25/06 29 CD AUD Virgin Records Megastore, Chicago IL B 11/29/06 81 CD AUD Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas TX [DM2004 source] A 12/09/06 10 CD FM KROQ, Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City CA (x3) 02/09/07 80? CD AUD Apollo, Manchester UK 02/25/07 100 CD AUD Edmonton Event Center, Edmonton Alberta B+ 03/02/07 95 CD AUD Vogue Theatre, Indianapolis IN 03/06/07 CD AUD Kool Haus, Toronto Ontario B+ 04/21/07 108 CD AUD Bijou Theatre, Knoxville TN [JerryB source] B- 05/05/07 68 CD AUD Beale Street Music Fest, Memphis TN B 05/08/07 94 CD AUD Viejas, Alpine CA (near San Diego) B 05/31/07 91 CD AUD Den Atelier, Luxembourg City Luxumbourg B 06/04/07 87 CD AUD Arena, Vienna Austria B 06/27/07 81 CD AUD Piere's, Ft.Wayne IN [Steecoe source] B+ 06/28/07 74 CD AUD Summerfest, Milwaukee WI B 06/30/07 82 CD AUD Fillmore Detroit, Detroit MI (incomplete) B+ 07/25/08 48 CD AUD Pemberton Music Festival, Pemberton Canada B 09/04/09 36 CD AUD TD Garden, Boston MA A+ 09/19/09 41 CD FM JJJ Live at the Wireless, Enmore Theatre, Sydney Australia A- 09/19/09 41 CD FM JJJ Live at the Wireless, Enmore Theatre, Sydney Australia A 10/20/09 14 CD MP2 BBC Session, London B+ 10/25/09 27 CD AUD Bridge School Benefit, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View CA (x6) B 11/03/09 104 CD AUD The Fillmore, Charlotte NC B 11/11/09 88 CD AUD Kool Haus, Toronto [BB source 1] B+ 11/11/09 88 CD AUD Kool Haus, Toronto [BB source 2] B 11/19/09 85 CD AUD Roseland Theater, Portland OR A 11/24/09 47 CD PFM Wilturn LA (w.Slash) B 01/13/10 72 CD AUD The Olympia Theatre, Dublin Ireland [Johnky source] B+ 01/29/10 93 CD AUD Tonhalle, München Germany A 01/29/10 53 CD FM Tonhalle, München Germany B+ 05/30/11 90 CD AUD HMV Picturehouse, Edinburgh UK 06/09/11 CD FM Caribana Festival, Crans-pres-Celigny Switzerland [WP 1111] A 06/09/11 55 CD FM Caribana Festival, Crans-pres-Celigny, Switzerland B+ 06/11/11 63 CD AUD Novarock Festival, Pannonia Fields II, Nickelsdorf Austria A 06/11/11 63 CD AUD Novarock Festival, Pannonia Fields II, Nickelsdorf, Austria [F.M. src, very bassy] B+ 08/02/12 47 CD AUD Hisense Arena, Melbourne Australia B+ 07/22/13 78 CD AUD Troubador, West Hollywood CA A+ xx/xx/13 69 CD REC Andrew Stockdale - 'Keep Moving' A+ xx/xx/16 43 CD REC 'Victorious' (x12) B 03/23/16 117 CD AUD House of Blues, San Diego CA [carsfan src] B 04/01/16 106 CD AUD Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver Canada B+ 04/25/16 99 CD AUD Le Trianon, Paris France B 05/20/16 38 CD AUD Fairgrounds, Schaghticoke NY [Smores src] B 07/14/16 43 CD AUD Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia PA [Radio_WB+BB src] B+ 11/16/16 84 CD AUD LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart Germany
GARY WRIGHT B+ 09/17/75 56 CD FM Long Island NY
YES A- 07/24/71 39 CD SBD Yale Bowl, New Haven CT [SBD, GenM RMCH, some hiss] B+ 01/21/72 38 CD AUD 'The White Yes Album': Concertgebouw, Amsterdam B 03/10/72 92 CD AUD Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco CA [16/48] B+ 08/13/72 77 CD AUD 'YesStorm': Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia MD [remaster] 10/31/72 CD REC 'Progeny': Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto Canada 11/01/72 CD REC 'Progeny': National Arts Centre, Ottawa Canada 11/11/72 CD REC 'Progeny': Duke University, Durham NC B- 11/11/72 90 CT Duke University, NC 11/12/72 CD REC 'Progeny': Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro NC 11/14/72 CD REC 'Progeny': UGA, Athens GA 11/15/72 CD REC 'Progeny': Knoxville Auditorium, Knoxville TN 11/20/72 CD REC 'Progeny': Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY A+ xx/xx/72 70 VD REC 'Yessongs': ?? (HiFi) B+ xx/xx/72 45 CT Hollywood Bowl, CA (really 1975?) B 03/08/73 108 CD AUD 'Heart of the Rising Sun' [TheTooleman]: Tokyo Japan (missing officially released t01) B 03/09/73 112 CD AUD 'Heart of the Rising Sun' [TheTooleman]: Tokyo Japan B- 03/10/73 112 CD AUD 'Heart of the Rising Sun' [TheTooleman]: Tokyo Japan B 03/12/73 113 CD AUD 'Heart of the Rising Sun' [TheTooleman]: Osaka Japan B- 02/18/74 137 CD AUD Madison Square Garden, NYC B+ 02/18/74 80? CT Madison Square Garden, NYC B- 02/28/74 135 CT Cobo Hall, Detroit MI B xx/xx/75 10? CT "Heart of the Sunrise": 'KBFH' B xx/xx/75 10? CT "Starship Troopers": London B 06/05/76 37 CD AUD Jackson MS (bonus tracks on Danbury CT 9/3/01) B+ 08/15/77 126 CD AUD 'Take Two': Civic Center, Providence RI [Lampinski src] B+ 08/15/77 127 CD AUD 'Take Two': Civic Center, Providence RI [Rogoff src] A- 09/23/77 111 CD AUD LA Forum, Los Angeles CA [Mike Millard source] B+ 09/26/77 113 CD AUD Long Beach Arena, Long Beach CA [Mike Millard source] B+ 12/06/77 119 CD AUD 'Paris Ultimate Remaster': Pavillon de Paris, Paris France A- 08/30/78 129 CD AUD 'Ten True Boston Summers/B78': Boston Gardens, Boston MA A- 10/21/78 70 CT 'In the Round': Wembley, London 10/28/78 CD 'In The Round': Wembley UK (afternoon show) A- 04/18/79 138 CD 'Circus of Heaven': Quebec City, Canada A- 06/19/79 142 CD AUD 'The Real Deal for Revealed Detail': Boston Gardens, Boston MA [B.Rogoff source] A xx/xx/8x CD REC '9012Live The Solos' A+ xx/xx/84 25 CD REC 'Twelve Inches on Tape' (from cassette) 03/05/84 133 CD AUD Champaign IL [some digi problems] B+ 03/12/84 124 CD AUD 'Kansas City 1984': Kemper Arena, Kansas City MO A- 06/24/84 78 CD PFM 'Captured Live': Dortmund Germany 07/18/84 141 CD AUD Palazzo dello Sport, Milano Italy A 09/28/84 64 CD REC '9012Live': Edmonton Canada (x9) A- 02/09/85 128 CD FM '90285': Buenos Aries Argentina [some dropouts] B+ xx/xx/xx 77 CD 'The Alternate Generator': demos B+ 11/14/87 135 CD AUD Omaha Civic Auditorium Arena, Omaha NE [src2] B 11/30/87 108 CD 'Big Philadelphia': Spectrum Arena, Philadelphia PA B 03/09/88 130 CD AUD ASU, Tempe AZ B+ 05/11/91 167 CD AUD Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix AZ B+ 05/17/91 169 CD AUD Oakland CA [PRRP 067, 2-source stereo] A 06/23/91 150? VD Rotterdam, Holland A 06/29/91 71 CD PFM 'Westwood One Superstar Concert Series': Wembley Arena [preFM vinyl source] 06/18/94 CD 'Gimme More': Broome County Arena, Binghamton NY A 06/29/94 162 CD SBD Riverport Amphitheater, Maryland Heights MO [Stacy src] A 12/09/97 85 CD FM 'Yes Magic': San Diego CA A 12/09/97 67 CD FM 'Revealing Science of San Diego': San Diego CA [glitches in HotS] A 12/09/97 75 CD PFM 'Westwood One': San Diego CA (missing "Long Distance Runaround") A- 10/08/98 141 CD AUD 'Evening Sunburst 1998': Shibuya Kohkaido, Tokyo Japan A- 10/09/98 144 CD AUD 'Evening Sunburst 1998': Shibuya Kohkaido, Tokyo Japan A 07/19/00 56 CD PFM 'Masterworks': Holmdel NJ [PFM, official trax removed](x5) A- 09/03/01 155 CD AUD Charles Ives Center For The Arts, Danbury CT A 08/25/02 73 CD FM Westwood One, Hilton Showroom, Las Vegas NV A+ 10/24/02 164 CD AUD Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater FL [Jim Fiesler ALD source] B+ 11/02/02 115 CD AUD 'Sunrise in a Layby': Oakdale Music Theater, Wallingford CT A- 11/08/02 10 CD AUD soundcheck, Philadelpha PA 07/08/04 CD SBD Estival Jazz, Lugano Switzerland 07/08/04 CD FM 'If The Summer Changed To Winter': Estival Jazz, Lugano Switzerland A- 09/17/04 137 CD SBD 'Night Must Fall': Concord Pavilion, Concord CA A+ 11/14/09 145 MP REC De Waerdse Tempel, Heerhugowaard Holland [official MP3] A 11/16/09 146 MP REC Symphony Hall, Birmingham UK [official MP3] A+ 11/17/09 144 MP REC Hammersmith Apollo, London [official MP3] A- 03/06/13 149 CD AUD Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles CA B+ 03/16/13 149 CD MTX The Venue, Hammond IN (2 AUD src stereo MOB mtx) B+ 03/24/13 103 CD AUD Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Hollywood FL B+ 03/27/13 103 CD AUD Cruise To The Edge, MSC Poesia A 03/30/13 150 CD AUD King Center, Melbourne FL B+ 08/25/14 128 CD AUD Greek Theatre, Los Angeles CA B 11/13/15 117 CD AUD Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Ft. Lauderdale FL B+ 10/04/16 127 CD AUD ARW - Hard Rock Live, Orlando FL [Tapehead2 src] B+ 10/07/16 118 CD AUD ARW - Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater FL [Tapehead2 src] B+ xx/xx/xx 305 CD AUD 'A Concert Dream - Called Over Valleys of Endless Seas' (v2.0) A xx/xx/96 218 CD REC 'The Complete Keys to Ascension' 4CD/DVD
YO YO MA 06/26/06 CD Millenium Park, Chicago IL
NEIL YOUNG A xx/xx/87 85 CD PFM Westwood One Superstar Concert Series 87-02: USA 1996 tour A+ xx/xx/97 76 CD PFM Westwood One Superstar Concert Series 97-36: Farm Aid 1994, 1995, Phoenix Fest 1996
ZZ TOP B 07/15/74 39 CD AUD Performance Center, Cambridge MA B+ 03/29/80 71 CD AUD 'Tejas Mechanics': The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA 04/19/80 CD 'Nasty Dogs - Funky Kings': Rockpalast VI, Grugahalle, Essen Germany 04/19/80 78 CD 'Tacos Telecasters and Thunderbird': Rockpalast VI, Essen Germany B 08/17/85 84 CD AUD 'Rocking The Castle': Castle Donington, UK B+ 07/28/17 95 CD AUD 3 Arena, Dublin Ireland

Collections B 11/28/83 144 CD AUD V/A - A.R.M.S. Benefit, Reunion Arena, Dallas TX B 12/01/83 154 CD AUD V/A - A.R.M.S. - Cow Palace, San Francisco CA [JEMS source] B 12/02/83 149 CD AUD V/A - A.R.M.S. - Cow Palace, San Francisco CA [JEMS source] A 12/02/83 145 CT V/A - A.R.M.S. Benefit B 12/03/83 160 CD AUD V/A - A.R.M.S. - Cow Palace, San Francisco CA [JEMS source] BA xx/xx/90 230 CT FM Knebworth 1990, Herefordshire; Pink Floyd, McCartney, Genesis, Plant\Page, Eric Clapton, Elton John B 12/10/09 94 CD AUD Star Wars in concert [SEC source] xx/xx/07 59 CD FM Music from the Sufi Shrines of Pakistan - BBC Radio3 A+ 12/12/12 128 CD REC V/A - '12-12-12 Concert for Sandy' B 10/29/16 120 CD FM Gregorian - Menora Mivtahim Arena, Tel Aviv Israel [ANDY-049] B+ xx/xx/70 291 CD REC EMI Productions - Assorted Sound Effects