Last Revised: 9/15/17

My index of recordings is organized into several lists, organized mostly based on type of music -- using my own subjective definitions! I have also singled out a few bands who deserve their own separate lists due to the sheer number of recordings I have collected by them.

Within each list, the bands and recordings are sorted alphabetically and chronologically. Refer to this Key for a guide to the codes used here.

Most Recent UPDATES - music that "Just Arrived"

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The following items are updates that I have recently received.

Many new recordings have not been rated yet, or the recording length has not been confirmed yet. All information will be updated and provided as soon as I am able... Eventually, all items listed here will migrate to the other, longer lists.

Carlton Melton - 'Aground' LP
Carlton Melton/Black Elk Medicine Band - split 45
Carlton Melton - 'Four Eyes' LP
Carlton Melton - 'Four Eyes' 12" (from MP3)
Black Elk Medicine Band - Santa Ana 45
Pharaoh Overlord - '6000km/h' LP
V/A - 'Imprec300' (w/Bardo Pond, Bass Communion, Mugstar)
V/A - The Heads + Carlton Melton + Mugstar + Koolaid - RSD LP
Sendelica vs Da Captain Trips - 'Psychedelic Battles Vol.1' LP
The Spacelords vs Dhvani - 'Psychedelic Battles Vol.2' LP
Tangle Edge - 'Infinity Steps Back' 2LP
King Black Acid/Hitting Birth - 'Hallelujah/Mayberry LSD' single
Igra Staklenih Perli - 'Inner Flow' CD 1991 [from vinyl]
The Machine - 'Solar Corona' (from MP3)

King Crimson - 'Starless' 29disk box set 
PF - 'The Early Years 1965-1972' box set
Grobschnitt - '79:10' box set

Cyndee Lee Rule - 'UFOsmosis' 59m CDR 2005 [massive disk errors!]

   xx/xx/xx  94  CD REC	PT/Steven Wilson - 'Unreleased Electronic Music' (from vinyl)
   xx/xx/xx   4  CD REC	PT/Steven Wilson - "Stoneage Dinosaur"
A+ xx/xx/14   6  CD REC	PT/Steven Wilson - "The Old Peace"
A+ xx/xx/xx   7  CD REC	PT/Steven Wilson - "Cut Ribbon"
   xx/xx/80      CD REC	Tako - 'U Vreci Za Spavanje'
   xx/xx/66      CD REC	V/A - LSD, A Documentary Report - PT Voyage 34 source material

...The following recordings have digital Problems, which I hope to eventually fix (or replace with newer CDs):

Hawkwind - 06/22/83 Stonehenge [CD2 last track bad]
Sun Dial - 12/11/92 Blackout Club, Rome Italy CD (mono, other problems)
Ozric Tentacles - 08/31/90 King's Lynn LA's 2CD
No-Man/Tim Bowness - 09/10/02 Toronto 77min CD A- (some diginoise)
Djam Karet - 05/28/99  74  CD - Boathouse, San Francisco CA (low volume levels)(?problem?)
Orange Goblin - 'The Big Black' CD REC [SKIPS on 3 TRAX]
Bevis Frond - 'Hit Squad' CD REC [t18 is bad]
Sigur Rόs - 'Agaetis byrjun' CD
Sigur Rόs - 'Von' CD
Sigur Rόs - '()' CD
Krom Lek - 'A Breath Of Fresh Air' CD

I am also in the stages of negotiating trades or purchases for the following items. They may arrive within a few weeks...or never! Contact me before requesting a trade to verify their availability.

David Gilmour - 'Live at Pompeii' 2CD/2BLU


I am currently looking to purchase or trade for copies of the following items:

Monkey3 - '39 Laps' CD
Monkey3 - 'Monkey3' CD ($40 Discogs)
Monkey3 - 'Live at Freak Valley' LP
SynPhonic: ---$18 DVD+CD Quantum Fantay - Kaleidothrope -$20 DVDR Paatos - In Rockpalast (2004) -$23 DVD V/A - Best of..2Days Prog + 1 (the one with RPWL) [cheaper at Wayside or LaserCD ?] $? BLU RPWL - A New Dawn Hills - 'Hills Live' LP
Hills - 'Uncollected Sounds' CDR or new 2LP
Camera - 'Phantom of Liberty' CD
Sula Bassana - 'The Ape Regards His Tail' CD
Electric Orange - 'Live at Wurzburg Cairo' CD (bandcamp $21)
Cosmic Ground - 'Live' CD (bandcamp $20)
Dr.Space's Alien Planet Trip Vol.1 FLAC (bandcamp $10)
Spacelords - Spacelords CD
Quantum Fantay - From Herzberg To Livingroom 2CD
Carlton Melton - Hidden Lights
Linus Pauling Quartet/Colt 43 - 'Psychedelic Battles Vol.3' LP
Earthless - 'Live at Freak Valley 2015' 2lp
Tangle Edge - Kathkaram (Discogs,, bandcamp)
Tangle Edge - Long Time 45 (bandcamp)
Astralasia - Voyage Till Tomorrow LP (ToneFloat, Record Heaven)
Astralasia - Astralashes LP (Tonefloat)
Astralasia - Oceania LP+CD
zine: Hawkfan - new issue
Record Collector (Aug 2012?) w. HW interview
Ben Watt - Hendra CD (w/D.Gilmour)
Eric Johnson - EJ CD
OSC - whatever I'm missing
Carlton Melton Meets Dr.Space - Roadburn LP ( E25+E13)
Krautzone - The Complete Works 2CD (sulatron E16.5, amazon $20)
3AM/Farflung - Long Distance Calling split LP (sulatron E18.50)
Eloy - remastered CDs ($10ea Doug Larson)
Peatbog Faeries - Blackhouse CD
Peatbog Faeries - Live CD
Mooch - Mrs Silburys Mushroom Biscuits CD ($11
Mugstar/The Cosmic Dead - split LP (Bandcamp, AllThatsHeavy, sulatron E18.50)
V/A - A Momentary Lapse of Vinyl LP (Fruits de Mer)
Samsara Blues Experiment - Center of the Sun/Midnight Boogie 12"
Samsara Blues Experiment - Live at Rockpalast CD
The Cosmic Dead - any CDs I am missing, including split LP with Mugstar
Mugstar - any other CDs
Vibravoid - any other CDs
Anubis - recent CDs (web site special)
Trigon - Live 2007 DVD (Sula E16)
Ashra - Communication CD
Ashra - Belle Alliance Plus CD
Ashra - Tropical Heat CD
Ashra - Le Berceau de Cristal CD
Ashra - Correlations Complete CD
Ashra - Live at the Open Air Festival 1997 DVD
Pre-Med - 'The Truth About Us' (Sula E15, others?)
Porcupine Tree - bonus CD that accompanied 'Lightbulb Sun' remastered CD
no-man - Flowermouth 2 extra tracks
RPWL - '9' CD
RPWL/Blind Ego - Mirror CD
Electric Orange - Live 2003 CD
-The Machine/Sungrazer - split CD (Sula E14, AllThatIsHeavy $15)
-Pharaoh Overlord - Live in Suomi Finland CD
-Pharaoh Overlord - Siluurikaudella CD (AllHeavy $28)
-Pharaoh Overlord - Horn CD (Aquarius $16)
-Pharaoh Overlord - Out of Darkness CD
-The Machine - Solar Corona CD
Dead Sea Apes (check out Sunrise Ocean Bender)
Roger Waters - Hello (I Love You) CDS
Spirits Burning - Earth Born CD
Spirits Burning - Alien Injection CD
I.E.M. - 1996-1999 CD
I.E.M. - 4CD box (ToneFloat)
Divine Soma Experience - Pharmaco Phantasica
Phil Thornton - Green Man
LLG - 'Live in Gravesend 2010' 2CD ( L15)
Bedouin - Live and Beyond CDR
Assassins of Silence - Take Me To Your Dealer CD
Robert Calvert - Paranoid Android CDS
Michael Moorcock - Roller Coaster Holiday CD
Burg Herzberg 2DVD, various other BH compilation CDs
E/I Magazine #6 (w/Bass Communion) ($6
Ullullators - Flaming CD
Korai Orom - Live at Kuliplex 2007
Korai Orom - Life Isn't Static Why Should Music Be? 3 MP3s (
Korai Orom - Sound and Vision 2002 LP (or CD?)
Circle - any other Circle releases I am missing
Grails/Pharaoh Overlord - Black Tar Prophecies Volume 5/Palmu (split lp on Kemado)(Aquar $17)
GNOD - Chaudelande CD (Aquarius $18)
SubArachnoid Space - "Trainable" on 'A Benefit for our Friends' comp (Aquar)
SubArachnoid Space - "Tick Tock" on 'We Will Be With You Shortly' comp (Kimosciotic)
Sky Cries Mary - Here and Now live 2CD, Small Town CD (
Linus Pauling Quartet - MP3 CDR from Houston's SoundExchange
Blackfield - "Hello" CDS
Bass Communion + Jonathan Coleclough & Colin Potter - untitled 2CD
V/A - Danza De La Vida CD (w/Steven Wilson) ( $17)
V/A - Chamber Music 2CD (w/Bardo Pond) ( L15)
Kinski - I Guess I'm Falling In Love 7"
V/A - Where the Sea Meets the Sky comp CD (w/Kinski)
V/A - Live from the Morning Alternative, Volume II comp CD (Vera Project benefit)(w/Kinski) (
V/A - What's Your Function..Franco Battiato comp CD (w/Kinski)
V/A - After the Storm comp CD (w/Djam Karet)(NEARFest recs, late Nov 2005)
V/A - Destroysall (tribute to Godzilla)
V/A - 'Portals' 1,2,3,4
V/A - Let's Try It Another Way (Laughing Madcaps Barrett tribute)(w/ST37)
V/A - e Tu Vivrai Nel Terrore 2CD/book compilation (w/Sun Dial)
V/A - Isca to Avalon CD (w/Banco de Gaia)
V/A - The Fire This Time CD (w/Bass Communion)
V/A - Not Alone (w/Sun Dial) 5CD
Charalambides - Live/Dead 2CDR (eclipse records $30)
Charalambides - Union
Colorstar - DVD
Gong - Opium For The People 2CD
Eric Johnson - Souvenir CD
Census of Hallucinations - releases that I am missing
Children of Dub - Chameleon CD, Digital Mantras CD
Strobe - Radiance CDS
Richard Franecki - 7 New Ways to Fly (mid-2005? did this ever come out?)
Alien Dream - all releases
Beyond-o-Matic - whatever releases I am missing
Anathema - any releases
Ole Lukkoye - whatever releases I'm missing
The Heads - whatever releases I'm missing
Non-Stop (Heru Avenger) - Paris to Berlin
Day Shift - Imaginary Menagerie CD
Rain - Cerulean Blue CD
Singularity - Color of Space
Hallucinogen - LSD CDS, Me-Looney-Um CDS, Spiritual Antiseptic 12", Live DVD (R1, NTSC)
The Mike Gunn - Proboscis EP (does this really exist?)
The Moor - Flux CD
Grobschnitt - Silver Mint Series [several] (Greg Walker $50)
Grobschnitt - The History of Solar Music Vols. 3 (Synphonic $25)
Grobschnitt - Die Grobschnitt Story Vols. 4, 5 ($25 Synphonic)
Grobschnitt - Live 2008-2010 2CD (Sula E19, others)
EROC (former Grobschnitt) solo releases: Changing Skys, some others
No Man - Ocean Song CDS, Days in the Trees CDS (originals, not CDR copies)
Huw Lloyd-Langton - Night Air + Time Space and LLG 2-fer CD (Voiceprint: $16
Christopher Franke - Babylon 5 individual episode original CDs
Banco de Gaia - How Much Reality Can You Take 10"
Adrian Shaw - all CDs except 'Head Cleaner' and 'Displaced Person'
Sun Dial - Electric Mistress Versus Bad Stone Volume 2 (rarities comp, on Acme) (does this really exist?)

...and I am also interested in trading for some recordings of music from these groups:
Major Stars, Stars of the Lid, Sun Machine (Hawkwind cover band from Ohio), Humus

Live shows from:
ST-37 (particularly from Terrastock shows)
Melting Euphoria
F/i or Vocokesh
King Black Acid
Hidria Spacefolk
Mantric Muse
SubArachnoid Space
Architectural Metaphor

Crohinga Well issues #1-5, 7-9
Ptolemaic Terrascope Terrastock I (need CD only - not a CDR copy, not the zine)